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MPOD Switch Module

Multichannel Low Voltage Switch Modules

WIENER presents with Mpod a new, universal multi-channel low voltage (LV) and high voltage (HV) computer controlled power supply system. Offering highest channel density the MPOD mainframe can house up to 10 plug-in modules which can be mixed in type and parameters. Up to 80 individually controlled low voltage channels are available in one mainframe

The Mpod switch module allows to remotely switch on/off or change polarity for 32 channels from connected MPV low voltage modules. Maximum voltage and current is 60V / 5A per channel. Using semiconductor switches a fast response is achieved and the power consumption kept at minimum.


  • 32 Channels individually programmable
  • Programmable Channel Functions:
    – Switch on / off,
    – Reverse Polarity
  • Switching element: Semiconductor
  • Short reaction time <5ms (on/off; reverse polarity)
  • Maximum switching rate per Channel up to 50/sec.
  • Input Connectors: 2 x 37 pin D-sub (m) for DC-In, 16 channels per connector
  • Output Connectors: 2 x 37 pin D-sub-D (f) for DC-Out, 16 channels per connector
  • User Connectors: 2 9 pin D-sub (f+m)
  • Programming and monitoring via Mpod controller Ethernet (TCP/IP – SNMP)
  • Two front panel Status LED’s
  • Dimension: 6U x 40.64mm x 220mm
  • Weight: ca. 2 kg

Ordering Information

Standard configurations (others possible by request).

TypeChannels per moduleVoltagesI MaxPeak Power
MPV 32SWP320 - 60V5A50W / ch.

Technical Information

32 channel fast low voltage On/Off and polarity switching module
  • All channels floating channel to channel and channel to chassis ground (125V, 500V tested)
  • Maximum continuous current per Channel: 5A
  • Maximum Voltage rating: 60V
  • Max voltage loss/channel: 200mV (5A / 2x 20mR Rdson)
  • Max power loss/channel: 1W (200mV / 5A)
  • Max power loss: 32W + 2W (driver+µC etc.)
  • Switching on time: between 25µs (50µs total) and 250µs (500µs total) - 25µs FET switching on time, 50µs total time from IO high to FET fully opened etc. - depends highly on gate charge and also on output voltage - faster switching time -> lower gate charge -> higher Rdson -> higher power loss - the complete switching on time from sending the command to all channels switched, should be no longer than 10ms
  • Switching off time: between 2µs (20µs total) and 20µs (200µs total)
  • the load will be approximately 2-3 Ohms with about 1µH
  • Microprocessor controlled, internal communication within the MPOD system via CAN bus (isolated)
  • Controllable via MPOD Controller using SNMP Commands
  • Note: External sense feature is no longer available for connected MPV power supply module

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