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CAMAC Modules

CAMAC controllers and other modules to support legacy CAMAC based computer-controlled data acquisition systems in nuclear and high energy physics experiments.

CC-USB CAMAC Controller with USB interface
CC-USB CAMAC Controller with USB interfaceCAMACCAMAC controller with high-speed USB-2 interface
CMDGG8 – CAMAC Multifunctional Logic Unit
CMDGG8 – CAMAC Multifunctional Logic UnitCAMACCAMAC 8-channel Multifunctional Logic Unit
CQ16 / 16A channel Charge Integrating ADC
CQ16 / 16A channel Charge Integrating ADCCAMAC16A channel Charge Integrating ADC
CAMAC to NIM Power Adapter
CAMAC to NIM Power AdapterNIM/CAMACPower adapter NIM-to-CAMAC
Blank CAMAC mechanics / cassette
Blank CAMAC mechanics / cassetteCAMACCAMAC enclosure sets

CAMAC Modules

CAMAC – “Computer Aided Measurement And Control” is a joint specification of the U.S. NIM and the European ESONE committees. CAMAC was introduced in 1969 by ESONE and fully defined in 1971 with the standards EUR4100 and EUR4600.

It represents a complementation of the NIM standard for computer-based experiment control and data acquisition / measurements. Main field of CAMAC use are computer-controlled control and data acquisition systems in nuclear and high energy physics experiments but also industrial applications in the past.

CAMAC modules have half of NIM width and are outfitted with a rear side 86-pin edge card connector. Module power, address bus, control bus and data bus are provided by the CAMAC dataway which includes 48 digital data transfer lines (24 read, 24 write), strobe signal lines as well as address and control lines.

Introduction Into CAMAC Standard

Download introduction into the NIM & CAMAC standards