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Powered Crates

With decades of collaboration with customers in nuclear and high-energy physics, industry and military applications, our extensive line of powered crates offers COTS and custom solutions for a variety of electronic bus standards.

Wiener Powered Crates​

We have proudly supplied industry and research customers with powered crates since 1959. Thanks to a history of working with Nuclear and High Energy Physics research and industry customers, we have compiled a complete catalog line of chassis for common standards including NIM, CAMAC, all VME varieties, VXI, cPCI and beyond.

Our decades of research and engineering have produced crates with a modular design to allow easy replacement of parts, like fan tray or power supply components. A combination of superiorly designed chassis components with high quality, low noise power supplies and integrated chassis diagnostic and monitoring capabilities have made our powered crate line the Gold-standard in powered crate technology.

If you are unable to find exactly what you’re looking for from our line of COTS models, W-IE-NE-R is specialized in providing customer specified, custom crates. Taking advantage of the modular design of all crate components, modified, one-off versions can be produced without significant increases in price and delivery time. Please see the custom spec. crate section for examples and contact us for technical discussion and pricing.


  • Modular design with easily removable fan trays and power supplies
  • Large variety of multi-layer bus backplanes, sub-card cages for front and rear side, multiple backplane and / or card cage configurations
  • Individually controlled long-life DC fans for high performance cooling
  • Microprocessor controlled operation
  • Local and remote control with Ethernet or USB interfaces
  • Lowest noise switch mode or linear regulated power supplies, conform to CE, IEC and UL standards

Product Catalog

Get a FREE catalog with full color photography, ratings, power configurations and other details to discover how W-IE-NE-R crates and power supplies offer the highest power output with the lowest noise levels