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Parts & Accessories

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W-IE-NE-R Parts & Accessories

For maximum flexibility and functionality many options and accessories are available for WIENER crates and power supplies. Further individual parts as backplanes, bins / chassis, fan trays and power supplies can be ordered as spares.

WIENER VME backplanes are designed in a cross-talk reduced strip-line multi-layer technology. Standard backplanes are available for VME, CERN VME430, VME64x and VIPA as well as VXI and CAMAC. Please contact our sales agents for customer specified backplane designs.

Most of WIENER chassis, power supplies or fan trays can be equipped with interface for remote monitoring and control. For the 6000 series family as well as PLxxx power supplies a “Combo interface” with Ethernet (TCP/IP), CAN-bus and RS232 is available or even standard feature.

Further the new Control, Measurement and Data Logging system (CML) is designed to add remote control and monitoring functionality to electronic systems not outfitted with microprocessor controlled power supplies.

Product Catalog

Get a FREE catalog with full color photography, ratings, power configurations and other details to discover how W-IE-NE-R crates and power supplies offer the highest power output with the lowest noise levels