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The W-IE-NE-R MARATON (MAgnetism and RAdiation TOlerant New) is a highest density, low noise, floating low voltage power supply system for operation in hostile radiation environments and magnetic fields.

ImageNameRadiation Hardnessmag. FieldMax Number of OutputsheightWidthOutput PowerVoltage Range
MARATON moderate HE
MARATON moderate HE<30Gy/10y< 1200 G123U19"max 3600 W2 to 60 V
MARATON hazardous HE
MARATON hazardous HE<140Gy/10y< 1200 G123U/4U19"max 3600 W2 to 60 V


The WIENER MARATON (MAgnetism and RAdiation TOlerant New) is high density, low noise, floating low voltage power supply system for use in hostile magnetic and ionizing radiation environments. The MARATON-Series has been designed for the CERN LHC experiments to power lowest noise electronics with medium to high currents (10A to 600A current range) over long distances in sensed or impedance-controlled mode. Dynamic behavior is foreseen to be set internally for short or long sensed distances.

Radiation hardness was tested up to 140Gy (14krad) / 5,6 x 1012neutrons/cm2 / 3 x 1012protons/cm2 and magnetic field tolerance up to 1300G (0.13T).

Available power input options are either 385 VDC or 230/400VAC (47-440Hz).

Depending on the strength of the magnetic field either air or water cooling can be chosen. Different versions for moderate or hazardous hostile environment are available.

The largest installations of MARATON power supplies include the CMS, ALICE, LHCb and Atlas detectors at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN.

In addition, based on our technology expertise of radiation tolerant power converters utilizing COTS components, customer specific power supplies were developed for other applications with magnetic field and ionizing radiation conditions. One of the latest largest setups, is the Atlas LiAr Calorimeter for which a water cooled 4kW power supply with 7 DC output channels and n+1 redundancy had to fit into an extremely small form factor. These power supplies were tested up to 7600Gy (760krad) gamma rays and 7.7×1012neutrons/cm2. The successful run for more than 10 years now proves W-IE-NE-R magnetic and radiation tolerant power supplies to be a highly reliable long-term choice.

As a step ahead from magnetic field shielding as used on MARATON our “Mega-Gauss” technology allows power supplies to work in extremely strong magnetic fields (tested up to 0.5T/5000G) and under under radiation conditions of 100Gy (10krad).

W-IE-NE-R Power Electronic is actively involved in the development of new power supplies for the LHC upgrade program at CERN which is continuously resulting in new products and technologies, as for instance digital controlled constant current power circuits or fully remotely controllable multi-channels DC supplies. Please contact us for more information or in for any customer specific power supply need.