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Taking our customers one step closer to a complete system, offering a line of plug-in modules to accompany your NIM, CAMAC and VME chassis.

About Wiener Modules

W-IE-NE-R provides a line of NIM, CAMAC and VME modules which were primarily designed for applications in physics research instrumentation.

With a focus on interfacing and controlling CAMAC and VME crates in data acquisition application, a family of bridges for these bus standards is offered which are using the high speed USB-2 interface. All controllers come with drivers for Windows and Linux OS as well as a variety of software examples / applications.

In addition, multi-functional, programmable logic modules are available for CAMAC or VME systems.

The VME bus display / bus analyzer and the VME load cards help to diagnose VME bus system functionality and performance.

Product Catalog

Get a FREE catalog with full color photography, ratings, power configurations and other details to discover how W-IE-NE-R crates and power supplies offer the highest power output with the lowest noise levels