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VME64-x Crates

High performance VME64x chassis in either a modular, full size 21 slot, 19″ rack-mount or in a compact / portable design which combine high precision mechanics with low-noise power supplies and high efficient cooling.

ImageNameTypeSlotsheightWidthMax PowerStandard VoltagesCard Size
6U VME64x 195-x Mini Chassis
6U VME64x 195-x Mini ChassisVME64x95U19"1100W+5V, +3.3V, +/-12V, (+48V)6U x 160mm
6U VME64x 395-x Mini Chassis
6U VME64x 395-x Mini ChassisVME64x95U19"300W/600W+5V, +3.3V, +/-12V, (+48V)6U x 160mm
6U VME64x 475-x Mini Chassis
6U VME64x 475-x Mini ChassisVME64x75U19"300W/600W+5V, +3.3V, +/-12V, (+48V)6U x 160mm
6U VME64x 554-x Portable Chassis
6U VME64x 554-x Portable ChassisVME64x55UPortable200W+5V, +3.3V, +/-12V, (+48V)6U x 160mm
6U VME64x 6021 Full Size Chassis
6U VME64x 6021 Full Size ChassisVME64x218U19"3000W+5V, +3.3V, +/-12V, (+48V)6U x 160mm
6U VME64x 6023 Full Size Chassis
6U VME64x 6023 Full Size ChassisVME64x219U19"3000W+5V, +3.3V, +/-12V, (+48V)6U x 160mm
9U VME64x 6021 Full Size Chassis
9U VME64x 6021 Full Size ChassisVME64x2111U19"3000W - 6000W+5V, +3.3V, +/-12V, (+48V)9U x 400mm
9U VME64x 6023 Full Size Chassis
9U VME64x 6023 Full Size ChassisVME64x2112U19"3000W - 6000W+5V, +3.3V, +/-12V, (+48V)9U x 400mm

Powered VME64x Crates

VME64x represents an extension of the VME64 Standard, VITA 1-1994 and became industry standard in 1996. It defines a set of features that can be added to VME and VME64 boards, backplanes and subracks.

The major new features of VME64x are expanded, 5-row P1/J1 and P2/J2 backplane connectors with 160 pins and an optional 95 pin 2 mm hard metric P0/J0 connector for more user defined I/O.

The 5-row connectors are backwards compatible to the 3-row VME/VME65 connectors. The additional pins are used for more signal ground returns, user defined I/O pins and geographical addressing.

Defining a 2-edge VME protocol bandwidths up to 160 MBytes/s can be achieved (2eVME). A synchronous data transfer can further boost it to 360Mbytes/s (2eSST).

VME64x defines with +3.3V and 48V additional power lines and increases the +5V power and ground capability per slot. Live insertion of modules is provided. Using the IEEE 1101.10 mechanical standard for the bin parts, card rails and front panels ESD / EMC protection is improved.

WIENER offers VME64x crates in a compact design as VME mini crates or in full size for 19″ rackmounting with 21 slots for both 6U and 9U cards. All crates are outfitted with IEEE1101.10 style mechanics and provide excellent EMC/ESD shielding

Introduction into VME standard

Download introduction into the different VME standards (VME, VME64, VME430, VME64x, VXI, VXS, …).