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Custom Spec PS

Custom Spec Power Supplies

W-IE-NE-R has a strong expertise and experience in the design and production of customer specific low voltage power supplies for science and industry.

Using the modular, micro-processor controlled WIENER power supply technology any multi-channel power supply with power output of 3kW to 6kW DC can be designed and build in a cost efficient way especially for small and medium quantities.

Standard features of the UEP / PL5xx series as floating, highly stabilized low noise DC outputs, world-wide auto-range AC inputs with power factor correction and full local and remote monitoring and control are provided. These voltage or current controlled power supplies can be used to power loads in custom chassis or even over long cable distances in a sensed or senseless mode with well adapted regulation.

With the new MPOD system there is another platform for higher density and higher number of power supply channels given.

On request special features as redundancy, water cooling, magnetic field or radiation resistance can be incorporated.

W-IE-NE-R power supplies are following all applicable international safety and EMC/ESD rules, are CE compliant and have been tested and certified by independent test agencies like TUV.

Please contact W-IE-NE-R for any custom spec. power supply needed.

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