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MTCA.4 Power Supplies

Applications in accelerator and beam line control as well as data acquisition are using MicroTCA.4 standard as a mid-size scientific crate but require lowest ripple and noise power supplies.

MTCA.4 1000W Power Supply
MTCA.4 1000W Power SupplyMTCA1000W low noise and ripple / high power density power supply in double height / double width form factor

MTCA Power Supplies

To match the requirements of the next generation of “carrier grade” communication equipment the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group PICMG created in 2002 a new standard AdvancedTCA / ATCA. The ATCA crate backplanes are based mainly on 48V industrial power supplies. From this form factor evolve the Advanced Mezzanine Module carrier card AMC form factors defined in AMC.3 in types of single or double width.

The AMC cards are supplied by dedicated 3.3V and 12V generated from the mains 48V with additional DC/DC converters situated on the ATCA carrier cards.

MicroTCA.0 defining the single and double width (“height”) crates is based on the AMC form factors. These crates contain special backplane connectors for the AMC cards and are connected according to fabric variants similar to the ATCA standard. Powering of the 3.3V and 12V is done by special Power Modules (PM) defined within MicroTCA.0. Meanwhile on the market there exist also a lot of backplane and crate variants with 1, 2 or 4 single height power module slots. In most of the double width MicroTCA.0™ crates the W-IE-NE-R double width double height power module should fit also.

From the double width AMC form factor the “XTCA for physics” community derived together with PICMG the MicroTCA.4 standard as a mid-size scientific crate platform with an additional Rear Transition Module card cage for RTM cards doubling the utilizable card space per slot and which may be used for additional analog or digital I/O.

Applications in accelerator and beam line control as well as data acquisition may require lower ripple and noise power supplies for MicroTCA chassis. WIENER designed a 1000W power supply module compliant to either the MicroTCA.4 specification but with lowest possible ripple and noise. This should also make the use of the WIENER 1000W MTCA-4 Power Supply attractive for industry applications with advanced requirements on analogue signal quality ranging from speech, music, sonar up to video and radar signal generation/acquisition and processing.