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MPOD Controller

The MPOD-C is a half-slot wide communication controller for MPOD/MMS multi-channel power supply systems. Plugged into the first half slot of the MPOD crate it controls via internal CAN-bus communication the primary power supply as well as all inserted LV- and HV-modules.

For user communication MPOD-C is outfitted with 2 CAN-bus ports, an Ethernet and a USB2 port. Typically, all monitoring and control of the MPOD chassis and of all plugged-in low and high voltage modules will be done via Ethernet using the standard W-IE-NE-R SNMP protocol.

MPOD-C is web-ready, i.e. the internal web-server allows access via a standard web-browser for a simple view of the system and status.


  • TCP/IP 10M/100M port, auto ranging
  • Built-in HTTP web server
  • DHCP or fixed IP address
  • TCP/IP protocol with SNMP v.2c for full control of all module parameters
  • 2 CAN-Bus ports, wired in parallel for daisy-chaining
  • USB2 interface (for set-up and firmware updates)
  • 3 status LED’s
  • Interlock connector (9pin DSUB)

Ordering Information

Standard configurations (others possible by request).

0R00.00096UMPOD / MMS remote controller with network interface

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