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MARATON moderate HE

MARATON is a family of MAgnetic field and RAdiation TOleraNt power supplies developed for CERN LHC. MARATON MHE represents a 12 channel low-voltage power supply for installation in a moderate hostile environment with integrated CANbus remote monitoring and control interface.

Voltages, currents, temperatures and output power are controlled by the internal processor and illegal modes as well as failure will be detected.

Magnetic field tolerance is achieved by water cooling (up to 300G) and shielded components (up to 1200G). For moderate radiation hardness (<30Gy) a quasi-redundant principle of power conversion is combined with special components.

The modular construction with a 19″ rack mountable power bin and a plug-in power supply box allows to swap the power supply without any tools and within shortest time.


PL512 Features

  • Up to 12 independent, potential free low voltage DC outputs, total up to 3 kW (air cooled) or 3.6kW (water cooled) output power
  • Channels can be operated in Master-Slave mode for paralleling of two ore more outputs (current boosting).
  • Extremely low noise and ripple
  • Fully microprocessor controlled, programmable voltages and thresholds on voltages, currents and temperatures, ramp rates, fully controlled, programmable trip levels and action / group behavior , voltage or current controlled mode
  • CE conform EN 50 081/82 part 2 or 1, safety in accordance with EN 60 950
  • CAN-bus interface for remote monitoring and control
  • DC 385V or  94V – 265VAC world-wide auto-range AC input, with power factor correction / sinusoidal mains current EN 61000-3-2, CE
  • Dimensions: 430mm x 3U (133mm) x 325mm [whd], weight: from 9.6 to 19 kg depending on the number of power modules
  • Optional with Interlock input
  • Optional with logic register for peripheral control, CAN-bus operated
  • Optional water cooled for highest performance.  Water connections pluggable and self sealing when unplugged. Internal water pipes are made of  stainless steel

Ordering Information

Standard configurations (others possible by request).

MARATON consists of:

=> Power Bin: 19” bin for rack mounting hosting a power box

PBNMARA – 3U RASO3U x 19’’ x 445mmFolded metal frame
PBNMARA – 4U 4U x 19’’ x 445mmAluminum side panels

=> Power Box containing a PFC mains input module, a control card and slots for up to 6 modules (MDM / MDC types, dual channel, 250W) for a maximum of 12 channels. The power box includes the CAN-bus interface and can be outfitted with an individual channel interlock feature (I option)

PBXMARA 3U x 19” x 445mmEthernet, USB, “Easy Lever” extraction mechanism

=> Power Modules integrated into Power Box for a maximum of 6 modules / 12 channels

Type AL (up to 300G)Voltage rangeChannelsPeak output / Power
MDC – 02/072V … 7V/8V22 x 55A or 1 x 110A /  330W (660W total)
MDC – 07/165/7V … 15/16V22 x 22A or 1 x 44A / 330W (660W total)
MDC – 07/247V … 24V22 x 11,5A or 1 x 23A  / 275W (550W total)
MDC – 30/6030V … 60V22 x 6,6A or 1 x 13,2A  / 330W (660W total)
Type FE (up to 1200G)Voltage rangeChannelsPeak output / Power
MDM – 02/072V … 7V/8V22 x 55A or 1 x 110A /  330W (660W total)
MDM – 07/165/7V … 15/16V22 x 22A or 1 x 44A / 330W (660W total)
MDM – 07/247V … 24V22 x 11,5A or 1 x 23A  / 275W (550W total)
MDM – 30/6030V … 60V22 x 6,6A or 1 x 13,2A  / 330W (660W total)

Technical Information

Rated Input Voltage: 385 V DC +/- 10 V
Rated Input Current: 11:00 AM
Output Isolation : CE EN 60950 , ISO 380, VDE 0805, UL 1950, C22.2.950


Regulation fast remote sense circuit (short sensed distance, sense connected to output at the MARA power bin):
Static: MDC/M 2-8 V / 30–60 V < 15 mV (+/-100% load, +/- full mains range)
  MDC/M other voltages < 0.05 % (+/-100% load, +/- full DC input range)
Dynamic (0.5 m wire): MDC/M 2-8 V < 100 mV (50 % - 75 % load change)
  other < 0.7 % (50 % - 75 % load change)
Recovery Time: MDC/M 2-8V 1%: 0.2 ms (50 % - 75 % load change)
    0.1%: 0.5 ms  
  MDC/M 5-16V, 7-24V 1%: 0.0 ms (50 % - 75 % load change)
    0.1%: 1.0 ms  
  MDC/M 30-60V 1%: 0.5 ms (50 % - 75 % load change)
    0.1%: 1.0 ms  
Conditions Current slope <1000A/ms, 20mF per 100A parallel to load


Regulation slow remote sense circuit (long sensed distance):
Static: MDC/M 2-8V/ 30-60V < 15 mV (+/-100% load, +/- full mains range)
  Other < 0.05 % (+/-100% load, +/- full mains range)

Dynamic deviation depends on current slope resp. filter capacitors at load side only

  30m cable to load, 0,3mF capacitance at load side, 1V drop at nominal load, 10% - 90 % load change with 3ms slope (50A output= 13,33A/ms) leads to less than 10% temporary output voltage deviation
Recovery Time (40m wire, 5V at load side, Udrop < 2 V: MDC 2-7V, 2-8V 10%: <15 ms
1%: <25 ms
(50 % - 75 % load change)
  Other 10%: <15 ms
1%: <33 ms
(50 % - 75 % load change)


DC Output Characteristics:  
Sense compensation range: Limited to < 10V or nominal voltage (whichever is lower).
Regulation mode: The voltage at the sense connection point is regulated.
Floating range: > nominal output voltage for MEH,
  min. +/-10V for voltage ranges <10V MEH, MDH, MDM and MDC


Noise and ripple:    
Voltage < 8 V < 10 mVPP (0.5 m wire, 0–20 MHz)
Voltage > 8 V < 15 mVPP  
  < 3 mVPP (10 m wire, 0-300 MHz)
  < 1.5 mVRMS  
Conditions at the load: Parallel (X) 330µF and 1µF ceramic, 100nF HF- conducting to case (Y) each line


Emission: CE EN 50081-1 (EN 55 022-B)
Immunity: CE EN 50082-1 or 2
Operating temperature: 10 °C – 40 °C
Storage Temperature: - 30 °C - + 85 °C (cooling water must be completely removed, else +3 °C - +85 °C)
Temp.- Coefficient: < 0.2% / 10K
Stability (constant conditions) <5mV or 0.1% within 24 h, <25mV or 0.3% within 6 months
Current limiting: Fast protection programmable to lower than peak values via trim-pots (constant current mode)
Via Remote Controller channel wise Imax   trip off set point programmable independently
Status control / DC Off (trip off): Processed in external Remote Controller.  Tripping global, group- or channel wise programmable  (after overload, overheat , overvoltage, undervoltage)
Interlock input: optional
Efficiency (pro Module): 65% 2V/ -81% >5V/ -85% >7V  -87% >12V/   -90% >48V at nominal input voltage
M T B F, cooled by: Conditions: 3kW DC output with 80% efficiency (600W internal power dissipation: WORST CASE)
Water, 30°C inflow:

ca. 120,000 h , put through > 50l/h for <10°C DT  of cooling water. Minimum differential pressure >0.5 bar, abs. max. pressure <15bar

Forced Air, 30°C entrance:

ca.   90,000 h , put through > 153m3/h for <15°C DT  of cooling air, ambient air pressure 1 bar. Adequate airflow is roughly 1,4m/s. 

  Values for air cooled  units are valid for new ones. Abrasive dust, corrosion, etc. can limiting the heat  transfer to the cooling air during lifetime. Higher operating temperature is the consequence.
  Increasing of internal temperater at the most critical points of 10°C will reduce the MTBF by 50% Lower operating temperatures will increase the MTBF accordingly, independent of cooling medium.
Construction features,  Accessories:
3 U box with extraction lever: max. 6  modules, up to 3 kW / 3,6kW output power
Connections / plugs: 24 female pins 80A, parallel used for higher currents, 3 x 9pin Sub D for sensing (each for 4 channels)
Dimensions (w, h, d) 434 mm x 132 mm x 325 mm
Weight: 31,5 kg
Accessories: 19" Power Bin for plug in MARATON power supplies. 24 power contacts with  M5 threated bolts and sense terminals at rear side.
Type 44 : 4U x 450mm mounting depth, 1 U air baffle, strain relief, cooling air entry front- or bottom side, for 3U – Box
  Special power bins / 19'' assembly  with 3U and 6U (for two MARATON boxes)  available. 450mm mounting depth

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