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MPOD LV Module

Multichannel Low Voltage Modules

WIENER presents with Mpod a new, universal multi-channel low voltage (LV) and high voltage (HV) computer controlled power supply system. Offering highest channel density the MPOD mainframe can house up to 10 plug-in modules which can be mixed in type and parameters. Up to 80 individually controlled low voltage channels are available in one mainframe

All Mpod low voltage modules have 8 or 4 channels with a maximum of 50W or 100W per channel in different voltage ranges. All channels are individually controlled and monitored and have floating, individually sensed outputs. A control input for each channel can be used for Interlock / Inhibit or external hardware ON/OFF.

Main Features

  • Mpod module with 8 or 4 low voltage DC channels, up to 120V and 50W or 100W/channel
  • Lowest noise and ripple, high stability
  • All channels are individually controlled, floating and sensed
  • Programmable trip points, ramps, failure action and group behavior
  • Voltage or current controlled operation
  • Low Voltage floating modules with 8 or 4 channels of 50W or 100W max. with 0-8V, 0-16V, 0-30V, 0-60V and 0-120V ranges
  • 6U height, 220mm deep fully shielded mechanics
  • All  DC outputs with individual  return lines,  individually sensed,  floating channel  to channel and channel to chassis ground (125V, 500V optional)
  • Extremely low noise and ripple: <3mVpp (0-20MHz)
  • Voltage and current settings / monitoring for each channel, 15 bit resolution, accuracy +/-0.1% of full scale value
  • Current monitoring and limiting for each channel, 15 bit resolution, accuracy +/-0.5% of full scale value 
  • high stability, 0.2%/10k
  • Programmable channel parameters:
    • Terminal and load voltage, under voltage / over voltage trip points
    • current limit (current or voltage controlled mode)
    • power, regulation type, internal / external sense
    • ramping speed up and down (1V/s … 500V/s)
    • group features / error handling
  • programming and monitoring via Mpod controller Ethernet (TCP/IP) and USB ports
  • Output Connectors: 2 x 37 pin sub-D for DC and sense  (4 or 2 channels each)
  • Front panel multi-color Status LED for each channel
  • Dimensions: 6U x 40.64mm x 220mm
  • Weight: ca. 2 kg
Type Channels Voltage I Max Peak Power V-Res I-Res Ripple*
MPV 8008I  8    0 - 8V 10A 50W / ch. 0.5mV 0.5mA <3mVpp
MPV 4008I  4    0 - 8V 20A 100W / ch. 0.5mV 0.5mA <3mVpp
MPV 8016I  8    0 - 16V 5A 50W / ch. 1mV 0.25mA <2mVpp
MPV 4016I  4    0 - 16V 10A 100W / ch. 1mV 0.25mA <2mVpp
MPV 8030I  8    0 - 30V 2.5A 50W / ch. 2mV 0.12mA <2mVpp
MPV 4030I  4    0 - 30V 5A 100W / ch. 2mV 0.12mA <2mVpp
MPV 8060I  8    0 - 60V 1A 50W / ch. 4mV 0.06mA <2mVpp
MPV 4060I  4    0 - 60V 2A 100W / ch. 4mV 0.06mA <2mVpp
MPV 8120I  8    0 - 120V 100mA 50W / ch. 4mV 4 µA <2mVpp

I = Interlock, with sub D 37 pin female connector.
Connectors are IEC807-3/DIN41652 conform. Custom made cable sets are available

* ripple 20MHz bandwidth

8 or 4 channel low voltage module with floating outputs with individual return lines and sense lines

  • Polarity configurable by wiring, outputs are insulated from each other and the chassis mainframe earth with 125V DC working voltage (Test voltage = 500VDC)
  • 0.2% / 10K output voltage stability
  • Voltage set / monitor: 15 bit resolution, +/-0.1% of full scale or better accuracy, measurement of both sense and terminal voltage
  • Current limit set / monitor: 15 bit resolution, +/-0.5% of full scale or better accuracy
  • Ramp-up / down programmable from 1 V/s to 500 V/s in 1 V/s steps.
  • Output Voltage Ripple: < 10mVpp; 1mVRms with 350MHz Bandwidth
                                         < 5mVpp; 0.5mVRms with 100MHz Bandwidth
                                         < 3mVpp; 0.5mVRms with 20MHz Bandwidth
  • Low conducted distubance current
  • Static Regulation: < 10mV
  • Dynamic Regulation: <100mV with I = +/- 25% change and 70A/s recovery time < 5mS
  • Dimensions: 6U x 40.64mm x 220mm
  • Front Panel Indicators: tri-color LED's with on / off / failure for every channel
  • Interlock Loop – optional
  • Safety Loop – in connector PIN 18 and 37
Product Data Sheet  
MPOD LV Module: Print Product Data Sheet


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