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NIM mechanics

Blank NIM Mechanics / Cassettes

NIM cassettes with mounting blocks for printed circuit boards and optional NIM connectors.


  • Set includes Aluminum front panel (blank), mounting blocks / holders for PCB, screw set and NIM front locking screw
  • Rear panel cut out for standard NIM connector
  • High efficient shielding due to low resistive screw connections
  • High insulated inner side of mechanic by hard eloxation
  • Thermodynamically optimised design of top and bottom panels with large air entries,  2280mm2 (1/12 size) / 4560mm2 (2/12 size)

Ordering Information

Standard configurations (others possible by request).

Part No.Description
NIM 1/12NIM cassette 1/12 slot wide with front panel, 141 00 22
NIM 2/12NIM cassette 2/12 slot wide with front panel, 141 00 33
NIM 3/12NIM cassette 3/12 slot wide with front panel, 141 00 66
NIM connectorNIM connector, 10 pins, wired (200mm long cables), 141 06 66

Technical Information

No further technical details available. Please see features and product literature.

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