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CAMAC to NIM Power Adapter

Power adapter to use a NIM module within a CAMAC crate. Provides all 6 voltages to the NIM module. Available also in a versions with 12V DC-to-DC converter for CAMAC chassis without +/-12V.


  • Single wide NIM power adapter, using 1 CAMAC slot
  • All 6DC voltages wired, +/-6V, +/-12V, +/-24V
  • Available with power converter +/-12V NIM derived from +/-24V CAMAC (12W / 24W peak)
  • Full height side panel for mechanical support

Ordering Information

Standard configurations (others possible by request).

4 MUCwith power converter (+/-12V NIM from +/-24V CAMAC, 12W / 24W peak)
6 MUWithout power converter, for CAMAC Crates with +/-12V on board

Technical Information

No further technical details available. Please see features and product literature.

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