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The WIENER CFB is an intelligent, programmable, re-configurable CAMAC-to-FERA bridge with sequencer that allows one to interface both, common and custom-made CAMAC modules to FERA-readout-based data acquisition systems.

When triggered, the CFB executes a user-programmed “stack” of CAMAC commands and stores the retrieved CAMAC data in its fast FIFO. With the first word written into FIFO, the CFB requests control of the FERA bus, and as soon as the control is granted (via ECL REN signal), it commences transmitting of its FIFO content to the remote FERA receiver.

The two processes, the slower CAMAC readout and the faster (up to 10MHz) FERA transmission may proceed, hence, concurrently, with the latter pausing, whenever FIFO becomes transiently empty.


  • Ports compatible with LeCroy, Ortec, Silena and CMC FERA modules
  • 16-bit and 24-bit CAMAC readout at rates of 2.5MHz and higher
  • CAMAC module readout timings individually adjustable for rates of 2.5MHz or higher
  • FASTCAMAC Levels 1 support
  • Up to four FPGA configurations stored in a 1-Mbyte flash memory
  • FPGA configuration memory is re-programmable in-system, via CAMAC port
  • 28k FIFO

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Standard configurations (others possible by request).

CFBCFB-module, CD-ROM with manual

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