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XLM72 72 channel FPGA Logic Module

XLM72 is a FPGA based logic module with 72 I/O ports. Featuring two 64 Mbit SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) memories, from one of which its FPGA boots upon power-up, complex logic operations can be programmed and saved on-board.

Multiple user setup files can be saved in the SPI memories beyond the area used for the boot configuration.
activity. All 72 I/O ports are provided on front panel pin headers with ECL levels. In addition by using optional plug-in adapter mini-boards the XLM72S is capable of accepting  or outputing directly other signal levels as for instance TTL or NIM.


Ordering Information

Standard configurations (others possible by request).

XLM72SProgrammable VME FPGA module with 72 I/O ports

Technical Information

No further technical details available. Please see features and product literature.

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