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MDGG-16 multi functional VME Logic Module

The MDGG-16 is a single wide 6U VME multi functional FPGA based delay logic and timing module which provides often needed functions as gate generator & pulse generator, logic fan in – fan out, coincidence register and scaler / pre-scaler. The module has 16 LVDS/ECL inputs and 16 ECL outputs on pin headers and 2 NIM inputs as well as 4 NIM outputs (Lemo), which are free configurable in regards to their functionality.

The MDGG-16 is based on a XC3S500E FPGA with 36kB of block RAM. One FPGA configuration file can be stored in the on-board flash memory  from which the FPGA can boot at power-on. The flash memory can be reprogrammed via VME for firmware upgrades. The required logic functionality can be programmed in a easy way by the writing configuration data into MDGG-16 registers via VME D32 A24 “write” commands.

MDGG-16 can be readily customized within the constraints set by the hardware resources. It may be considered an 18-input/20-output/7-diagnostic LED universal logical module for which the user can develop his own firmware using the free XILINX WebPack software.


Ordering Information

Standard configurations (others possible by request).

Part NumberDescription
MDGG-1616 Channel MDGG-16 with 32 pin header connector and LEMO I/O

Technical Information

Packaging single wide 6U VME module
Inputs: 16 channel ECL / LVDS  pinheader, 2  NIM (LEMO)
Outputs: 16 channel ECL / LVDS pinheader,  4 NIM (LEMO)
LED’s: 8 Diagnostic LED’s, driven by signal stretchers
Firmware: Programmed via VME
Interface: VME A24 D32, base address via jumpers.
VME IRQ: Capable of asserting VME IRQ, level selected via jumper
Power: 5V, 1A

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