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NIMpact 300W

NIMpact crates are low cost crates that meet EUR4100 and CE specifications. They are outfitted with a 300W power supply with overload and over temperature protection. 5U NIMpact crates are without fan tray.


  • Fully wired 12 slot crate, 5U
  • Stabilized steel card guide structure
  • Simplified control panel with On/Off switch and status LED
  • Bin equipped with long-life NIM connectors, all lines wired according to CERN or CE specifications
  • Integrated linear regulated 300W power supply
  • AC input 230V/50 Hz or 110V/60Hz
  • Dimensions: 19″ (483mm) x 5U (222.3mm) x 518mm [whd], weight: ca. 26Kg
  • CE Conformity

Ordering Information

Standard configurations (others possible by request).

NIMpact I2311.5A / 11.5A3.4A / 3.4A3.4A / 3.4A0.5AUEP24 / 300W
NIMpact I2415A / 15A3.4A / 3.4A3.4A / 3.4A0.5AUEP24 / 300W
NIMpact I267A / 7A15A / 15A-0.5AUEP24 / 300W
NIMpact I278.6A / 8.6A3.4A / 3.4A6.9A / 6.9A0.5AUEP24 / 300W

Technical Information

NIMpact NIM Bin 5U

Non-ventilated 518mm deep 5U NIM bin with 12 slot. Aluminum construction with stabilized steel card guide structure. Power supply is fixed mounted rear side.
The power-bus-system is equipped with 12 high-quality long-life NIM connectors on a power backplane.

Connector pins made of massive brass, gold plated.
Simplified ½ slot wide control panel with on/off switch and status LED.

Current maximum ratings:

Voltage Line Current / slot Current / bin Comment
+/-6V 13A 65A sensed
+/-12V 13A 13A sensed
+/-24V 13A 13A sensed
GND 13A    
115V AC - 0.5A Secondary

All NIM bins have clean earth wired with 0,25mm²

UEP 24 300W NIMPact Power Supply

Linear regulated low noise power supply with 300W DC output, cut-off-protection for “overload” and “over temperature”-failures.

Power supply DC-Outputs: +6V -6V +12V -12V +24
UEP24_I23 11.5A 11.5A 3.4A 3.4A 3.4A
UEP24_I24 15A 15A 3.4A 3.4A 3.4A
UEP24_I26 7A 7A 15A 15A -
UEP24_I27 8.6A 8.6A 3.4A 3.4A 6.9A


Power supply DC-Outputs: -24V 115VAC max. power regulation application
UEP24_I23 3,4A 0.5A 300W linear NIM 
UEP24_I24 3,4A 0.5A 300W linear NIM 
UEP24_I26 - 0.5A 300W linear NIM 
UEP24_I27 6,9A 0.5A 300W linear NIM 


UEP 24  
Input voltage, 47-63Hz 100V(+/-10%) , 115V or 230V
Soft start yes
Output: Noise and Ripple: Full load / 80% rated output  <3mVpp / 1mVpp,  <0,6mVRMS
Regulation static: Change of output voltage versus load change 10-100% <0,05%
Regulation static: change of output voltage versus line change  +/-10% <0,02%
Recovery time versus load change 10-100% <0,15ms
Output impedance:  Static / Dynamic(at 100kHz) 0,2mOhm / 0,5 Ohm
Temperature Error <0,005%/K
Thermal Protection (No. of thermal switches) (3x)
Output Current Characteristics (Ishort <3A in foldback regulators), reverse bias diodes! Foldback and trip off
Dual tracking for complementary outputs yes
Calibration ranges Voltage / Currents +/-5% / 20%
Sense compensation  ranges, all DC voltages  0,5V
Status Control for all voltages (Over- Under-Voltage Comparator, defaults +/-0,3%) bad/good, Status LED-signal
Overvoltage Protection, trip off thresholds (defaults) Crow bars  7,3V, 14,5V, 24,5V
Derating >40°C with 2% up to 60°C max.

Optional CAN-bus interface for DC voltage monitoring and remote on/off via rear 9 pin sub D connector


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