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NIMbox DNAE – 1 channel 100 MHz flash ADC with 3 programmable TTL I/O ports, 2 channel  DAC 100 MHz, 4 LE discriminators and 5 NIM or TTL I/O

This single slot wide NIM module is a pre-configured NIMbox version with 1 x SU706, 1 x SU703 , 1 x SU710  and 1 x SU704 sub-modules. DNAE is a 1 channel 14-bit 100MHz flash ADC with FIFO and with 3 programmable TTL I/O ports, 2 channel  DAC 100 MHz, 4 LE discriminators and 5 NIM or TTL I/O.  DNAE can be used as digitizer / oscilloscope with signal generator and logic analyzer.

Programming the internal FPGA allows to set-up the ADC channels and their data read out but also to define logic functions for the I/O ports. This includes AND/OR coincidences and majorities fan in / fan out etc. but also include more complex features as timer, counter, and even multi-hit dead-time less Time-to digital converter. All logic functions are programmed into the FPGA via the high speed USB-2 interface.

Using the provided LabView VI library “Toolbox” easy and fast programming of all configurations settings and functions is possible.


  • Single width NIM module
  • 1 channel flash ADC, 14-bit, maximum 100MHz (programmable sampling frequency divider),
  • Input range -0.5V to +0.5V (other ranges on request)
  • Internal (threshold) and external trigger, pre- and post-trigger sampling
  • automatic calculation of pulse characteristics as integral charge, maximum with position
  • 2 channel DAC, 14-bit, maximum 100MHz with programmable frequency divider
  • 2 outputs per channel, one is amplified, the other is inverted
  • On board memory for 1024 values
  • 4 channel leading edge discriminator, inputs with Lemo connectors
  • Individual thresholds, programmable from –2.5V to +2.5V (12bit resolution)
  • 5 programmable TTL or NIM inputs / outputs, Lemo connectors 50 Ohm impedance
  • Programmable logic functions as AND / OR / XOR / NOT, Fan In / Fan Out, complex multi-level logic conditions possible, configurable FPGA embedded functions as 32-bit scaler / counter, clock, pulse / delay and gate generator, synchronizer
  • EEPROM to save programmed configuration
  • High-speed USB-2 interface for programming, read-out and firmware upgrades
  • Power consumption: 6V x 800mA (2A fuse)

Ordering Information

Standard configurations (others possible by request).



Technical Information

NEMbox/NIMbox Submodules

NIMBox/NEMbox submodules are to be used in the slots on the main FPGA carrier board. Submodule programming is done through the FPGA using the USB 2 link. Different submodules can be combined.  I/O connectors: LEMO™ (except SU701 and SU705).

  •  SU703: 4 channel leading edge discriminator with 1 channel TTL Input / Output
    • Programmable threshold (-2.5 … +2.5V, 12 bit)
    • Programmable hysteresis ( 0 to 60 mV, 12 bit)
    • 5 programmable LED/s
  • SU704: 5 channel NIM or TTL Input / Output
    • 50 Ohm, Lemo connectors
    • NIM or TTL for each channel jumper selectable
    • Output -16 mA (NIM) or 0 – 3.3V (TTL)
    • Delay 4-5 ns
  • SU706: 1 channel sampling ADC with 2 channel TTL Input / Output
    • 14 bit resolution, 100 MHz maximum sampling rate
    • pre and post trigger sampling
    • FIFO 1024 values
    • AC coupled and DC coupled versions
  • SU707: 8 channel LVDS I/O
    • RJ45 connectors
  • SU709: 8 temperature sensors
    • Digital, duty cycle output
    • Calibrated on chip
    • Range: -45 to 130 °C
    • Absolute accuracy +/- 0.7 °C, chip resolution 0.005 °C 
  • SU710: 2 channel DAC
    • 100 MHz / 14 bit, +/-1V range (at 50Ohm)
    • Memory for 1024 values
  • SU711: 5 channel delay
    • 0.5 to 128 ns (other ranges on request)
    • ground delay < 20ns

Standard VHDL modules included in all firmwares:

  • Discriminator (only if SU703 is present)
  • Digital I/O (for all NIM / TTL I/Os)
  • ADCH (ADC and histogrammer, only if SU706 is present)
  • DAC (only if SU710 is present)

Standard VHDL modules included in specific firmwares:

  • L – Logic (AND, OR, XOR, Flip Flops…)
  • C – Counter, Clock, Timer, Gate Generator (32 bit)
  • G – Counter, Clock, Timer, Gate Generator
  • B – Time to Digital Converter
Item Description
SU 703 4 channel discriminator with 1 x TTL I/O and LED’s, Lemo™
SU 704 5 channel NIM or TTL I/O, jumper selectable, Lemo™
SU 706 100MHz 14 bit F-ADC with 2 x TTL I/O, Lemo™
SU 707 8 channel LVDS I/O with RJ45 connectors
SU 709 8 channel temperature sensors
SU 710 2 channel 100MHz 14 bit DAC, Lemo™
SU 711 5 channel delay 0.5 to 128 ns