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NIM Compact 150W

The WIENER NIM compact series is the low-cost entry into the NIM world. This is achieved by combining the economic steel-aluminum UEN 04 bin with a very compact 150W slot power supply. The result is a lightweight NIM crate with reduced depth. To be compatible to all NIM modules the UEP15 provides all standard (6) DC voltages as well as 115V AC.


UEN 04 NIM Compact Bin:

  • 12 slot non-ventilated NIM bin UEN 04 (10 slots free)
  • Stabilized stainless steel card guide structure
  • Bin equipped with long-life NIM connectors and completely
  • Dimensions: 19” (483mm) x 5U (222.3mm) x 340mm [whd], weight: ca. 5 Kg

UEP 15 power supply:

  • Front side plug-in slot power supply 2.5 NIM slots wide, 150W power output
  • 6-fold DC outputs (+/-6V, +/-12V, +/-24V), stabilized by adjustable monolithic voltage regulators switch-off protection for over / under voltage and over temperature failures
  • 115V AC output
  • pre-amp power output (DSUB9)
  • Power distribution rear side via standard NIM connector
  • Front panel with mains switch and control LED´s for status and failure
  • AC input 230V/50 Hz or 110V/60Hz
  • Dimensions: width 2 ½  NIM, height 183 mm, depth 249 mm, weight: 7.5 kg
  • CE Conformity

Ordering Information

Standard configurations (others possible by request).

NIM_150C_X12 (10)*5A/5A3A/3A1.5A/1.5A0.25AUEP15 / 150W

Note: _x = defines the AC input voltage, factory default is 220V AC (without index)

x = ” ” (without index): 230V AV (factory default)

x = B: 110V AC
x = J: 100V AC
x = E: 240V AC

Technical Information

UEN 04 NIM Bin Compact 5U

Rigid non ventilated construction for powering by UEP 15 Slot-Power-Supply. Wired for use of 10 NIM slots. Slot 11 and 12 occupied by power supply. DC-power feed in via standard NIM connector on slot 12 position. For +/-6V and ground each line has two pins in parallel to reduce the transition resistance.

Current maximum ratings:

Voltage Line Current / slot Current / bin Comment
+/-6V 13A 26A not sensed
+/-12V 13A 13A not sensed
+/-24V 13A 13A not sensed
GND 13 13A  
115V AC   0.5A Secondary

All NIM bins have clean earth wired with 0,25mm²

NIM Compact Slot Power Supply UEP 15

Plug in power supply for use in UEN 04 bins or for powering every non-powered extant NIM bin. UEP 15 features all 6 voltages, stabilized by adjustable monolithic voltage regulators, on the rear NIM connector with standard NIM pin out. Ground and 6V outputs are spliced-wired to two pins for minimized voltage drop.

The integrated blower cools heat sink, components and the toroid transformer. Voltage regulators and transformer are protected against over temperature. Over- under voltage detector (limits ca. +/-3% of nominal voltages) activates mains cutting relay (red signal "bad status" at front panel).

AC Mains voltages: 100, 115, 225, 240VAC by use of different internal transformer taps.

Power supply DC-Outputs: +6V -6V +12V -12V +24
UEP15 5A 5A 3A 3A 1,5A
UEP15 as 5A 5A 3A 3A 3A


Power supply DC-Outputs: -24V 115VAC max. power regulation application
UEP15 1,5A 0.1A 150W linear NIM
UEP15 as 0,5A 0.1A 150W linear NIM


Input voltage, 47-63Hz 100V, 110V, 215V, 220V, 240V all (+/-10%), 5 internal taps
Soft start yes
Output: Noise and Ripple: Full load +/-6 / 12 / 24V <3mVpp / <5mVpp / <10mVpp
Regulation static: Change of output voltage versus load change 10-100% <0,2% for 6V, 0,1% for 12/24V
Regulation static: change of output voltage versus line change  +/-10% 0,02%
Recovery time versus load change 10-100% <0,15ms
Output impedance:  Static / Dynamic(at 100kHz) 1,5mOhm / 0,5 Ohm
Temperature Error <0,02%/K
Thermal Protection (No. of thermal switches) (1x) and Regulators internally
Output Current Characteristics (Ishort <3A in foldback regulators), reverse bias diodes! Constant current and trip off
Dual tracking for complementary outputs no
Calibration ranges Voltage / Currents +/-5% / fix limits
Sense compensation  ranges, all DC voltages  0V
Status Control for all voltages (Over- Under-Voltage Comparator, defaults +/-0,3%) Bad Status red LED, unit trips off
Overvoltage Protection, trip off thresholds (defaults) +/-0,3% of nom voltages 
Derating >40°C with 2% up to 60°C max.

Optional CAN-bus interface for DC voltage monitoring and remote on/off via rear 9 pin sub D connector

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