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Dust Filter Option

All 6021/6023 bins can be outfitted with a 0.5U high dust filter tray that is mounted below the fan tray. By reducing the plenum chamber of the UEV6023 bin to 0.5U, the overall height of the crate remains the same.  UEV 6021 bins with dust filter will be 0.5U taller.  The UEV6023 – JLAB style comes with a front air filter by default.

All WIENER air filters guarantee maximum air flow while providing excellent dust filtering.

Replacement filters can be ordered.


  • 0.5U high dust filter tray
  • Maximum air flow while providing excellent dust filtering
  • Overall Bin height remains same (6023 series) resp. increases by 0.5U (6021 series)
  • Replacement filters available.

Ordering Information

Standard configurations (others possible by request).

ItemsBin type
Dust filter option6021/6023

Technical Information

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