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VARIO-Divider (mixed 6U/9U)

The VARIO-Divider Option offers the mixed use of standard unmodified 9U and 6U high modules in the same crate. The front panel of the modules with minor depth will be recessed mounted.

The VARIO option can be chosen for 9U form factor crates is available in two different versions with or without an air baffle. This air baffle between the 6U and 9U slots prevents any cooling losses and provides higher mechanically stability but occupies one slot.

The provision without air baffle keeps all 21 slots available, but has open gaps to the front. Also the solder side of the leftmost 9U module becomes exposed to the 6U card cage and modules.

Version 1:  No Air Baffle

1 to 4 of 21 slots for 6U VME modules. The first right adjacent 9U module acts as an air guide. It must be placed for proper cooling of all modules

Version 2: With Air Baffle

3 or 4 up to 18 slots (in steps of 2) of 20 slots for 6U VME modules. An air baffle closes the gap between 6U and 9U modules. This ensures an optimized cooling of all slots without air losses


  • Mixed use of standard unmodified 9U and 6U high modules
  • For 9U form factor crates
  • Two different versions with or without an air baffle
  • Standard sizes 9U format 80mm / 120mm / 160mm / 220mm / 250mm / 280mm

Ordering Information

Standard configurations (others possible by request).

ItemsSizeDepthSlotsAir Baffle or Special Slots
Vario Divider 1x6U + 20x 9U6U220mm10Yes
Vario Divider 2x6U + 19x 9U6U160mm4No
Vario Divider 4x6U + 17x 9U6U120mm2No
Vario Divider 10x6U + 10x 9U6U80mm1No

Technical Information

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