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Transition cages

WIENER UEV bins can be outfitted with a rear side card cage, which is often used for transition modules. The bin side panels have all provisions to take a transition card cage in any of the offered sizes. Transition card cages can be ordered as an option for a new crate or separately for upgrading of existing crates.

The UEV 6021 bin with the power supply in rear top position allows rear side card cages only to J2 (3U),  or to J2 and J3 (6U) for 9U VME format. The 6023 style has full access to all backplane levels, i.e. to either J1 or J2 (3U) or J1 and J2 (6U) for 6U front side cards, or to J1/J2/J3 (3U … 9U) for a 9U form factor system.

Standard sizes 3U, 6U or 9U with depth:

6U format 80mm / 120mm / 160mm / 220mm / 250mm,

9U format 80mm / 120mm / 160mm / 220mm / 250mm / 280mm


  • Rear side card cage for transition modules
  • For new crates or for upgrading of existing crates
  • Standard sizes 6U format 80mm / 120mm / 160mm / 220mm / 250mm
  • Standard sizes 9U format 80mm / 120mm / 160mm / 220mm / 250mm / 280mm

Ordering Information

Standard configurations (others possible by request).

6U rear transition cage 80mm6U80mm
6U rear transition cage 120mm6U120mm
6U rear transition cage 160mm6U160mm
6U rear transition cage 220mm6U220mm
6U rear transition cage 250mm6U250mm
9U rear transition cage 80mm9U80mm
9U rear transition cage 120mm9U120mm
9U rear transition cage 160mm9U160mm
9U rear transition cage 220mm9U220mm
9U rear transition cage 250mm9U250mm
9U rear transition cage 280mm9U280mm

Technical Information

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