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6U VME64x 554-x Portable Chassis

The VME554-x mini crate is the perfect choice for data acquisition, test and debugging applications.

It offers 5 standard 6U VME64x slots, local & remote monitoring and control as well as hot-swappable, redundant power supplies in a portable, light-weight and compact desktop housing.

One or two redundant operating plug-in 250W cPCI power supplies provide sufficient power for all applications. The built-in CML shelf manager allows full local and ethernet based remote monitoring and control of power supply, fan and chassis.


  • VME-MINI-Bin for 6Ux160mm, VME64x modules, in a portable desktop housing
  • IEEE 1101.10 compliant mechanics with enhanced EMC / ESD
  • 5 slot monolithic VME/VME64 backplane, optional P0 connector
  • Alphanumeric high-visibility LED display for voltages, currents, fan speed, temperatures and settings / programming, 2 status LED’s
  • Built-in WIENER CML Shelf Manager for local and remote monitoring and control, monitors and controls power supply, fan, remote on/off, SYSRES, thermal monitoring, user I/O programming, with Ethernet and USB interfaces
  • Cooling with silent DC blower, cooling air flow direction: rear-to-rear
  • Programmable under / over voltage and over current trip points, active DC output discharge
  • Outfitted with one or two 250W cPCI power supplies, plugged in from rear, hot swappable, redundant operation, CE-conformity, 300W power supplies on request
  • 100V – 240V world-wide auto-range AC input, with power factor correction, CE-conformity
  • Dimensions: 14″(337mm) x 5U (200mm) x 325mm, weight ca. 10 Kg

Ordering Information

Standard configurations (others possible by request).

Crate VersionBackplane+5V+3.3V+12V-12v
VME 554x_1J1/J2 VME64x33A33A6A1A
VME 554x_2J1/J2 VME64x66A66A12A2A
VME 554x_1_P0J1/J0/J2 VME64x33A33A6A1A
VME 554x_2_P0J1/J0/J2 VME64x66A66A12A2A

Technical Information

VME / VME64x Mini crate 554

Module cage formats6U x 160mm, VME standard, not transition  cage
Crate Size          5 Slot , 19“ or 435mm ´ 5U (221mm), 300mm depth
Mains inputwide range: 90...265VAC, 47-63Hz, 10A fuse, Inrush current less than 30A at 230Vac.
IsolationInp.-outp. CE EN 60950, ISO 380, VDE 0805, UL 1950, C22.2.950
RegulationTyp. ±1-±4%. (Various with output voltage.)
Noise and ripple:<50mVpp,  typical <30mVpp (0-20MHz ),  <3mVrms (0-2MHz)
Operation:0...40°C without derating, rel. humidity 30...80%, non condensing atmospheric pressure 70...110kPa, for 600W continuous power >85kPa
Storage:-30°C up to 85°C
Stability:10mV or 0,1% within 24 hours    25mV or 0,5% within  6 months
Overvoltage protection: trip off, protection against broken sense lines
Internal temperature limits:Cut off: 110°C heat sink, 70°C ambient, >45°C module exhaust accelerates fan speed to 100%
Cooling air flowbuilt-in DC fan, rear to rear air flow, blower MTBF >60 000h (40°C)
Efficiency:max. ca. 80%, depends on installed output voltages

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