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VM-USB VME Controller with USB-2 interface

The VM-USB is a VME master with high speed USB2 interface. Enhanced functionality is given by the programmable internal FPGA logic which provides a VME command sequencer with 4kB stack and 28kB data buffer. Combined with the 4 front panel I/O ports this allows VME operation and data acquisition / buffering without any PC or USB activity.

All VM-USB logic is controlled by the XILINX Spartan 3 family FPGA. Upon power-up the FPGA boots from a flash memory. The configuration flash memory can be reprogrammed via the USB port, allowing convenient updates of the firmware.


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Technical Information

Packaging single wide 6U VME module
Interface USB2 / USB1 auto-detecting / ranging, Connector: USB type B
Inputs 2 user inputs, NIM / TTL level jumper selectable, LEMO connectors
multiplexed, firmware dependent functionality 
Outputs 2 multiplexed outputs for VME, USB and DAQ signals/ TTL level jumper selectable, LEMO connectors,  function firmware dependent
Display 4 programmable User LED’s (green, red, green, yellow)
3 USB status LED’s (USB1, USB2, Failure)
VME master modes A16, A24, A32, D8, D16, D24, D32, BLT32, BLT16
System Controller bus arbiter and / or interrupt handler
Firmware Software upgradeable, 4 firmware locations
Selection via 8 position switch (P=program, C=use)
Performance D32 via USB (EASY-VME):   128 kB/s
D32 with data buffering: 9...13MB/s (depending on slave module)
BLT: 10...15MB/s  (depending on slave module)

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