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Backplane CAMAC

The 25 slot WIENER CAMAC Data way complies with ESONE EUR4100 / EUR4600 and CERN CAMAC specifications. It is a compact multilayer design with integrated power distribution and outfitted with press-in connectors.

These 86-pin edge-card CAMAC connectors have two contact points per pin which results in excellent connections of plugged in CAMAC modules. Older and frequently plugged modules often suffer of weak connections due to galling and corrosion of the module connector part. The springy two-point contact makes it possible to work smooth even with worn module connectors.


  • WIENER CAMAC data way, 8 layers, 25 slots
  • press-in 86-pin CAMAC connectors with dual spring contacts
  • integrated power distribution layers for all voltages
  • VH12 technology; Y1 and Y2 used for maximum +/-6V current capability
  • large current rails for +6V, -6V, GND, power layers for +/-12V and +/-24V
  • sense line connector
  • maximum power capabilities

Ordering Information

Standard configurations (others possible by request).

ItemsBusSizeConnectorsSlotsTerminationDaisy Chain
To be requestedCAMAC160mm86-pin25--

Technical Information

Voltage  Current per slot Current per bin (sensed)
+6V 6A 78A
-6V 6A 78A
+12V 3A 26A
-12V 3A 26A
+24V 3A 13A
-24V 3A 13A
GND 6A 150A

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