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Backplane VME64x-J1

The 3U WIENER VME64x-J1 backplane fully complies with ANSI/VITA 1-1994 and IEEE-1014-1987 specifications. It is designed as an 8-layer board in strip-line technology. WIENER J1 VME64x backplanes are available with 21 slots (full size). The backplane is actively terminated and provides active automatic daisy chaining. On request the active automatic daisy chain is available compatible to the CBLT.

The extended power layers and special current rails permit highest power distribution. For power distribution and connection a flat sandwich-like structure of copper sheets is mounted on the back of the upper J1 area. All DC wiring from this high-current multi-layer structure to the power supply situated in the bottom is integrated into the backplane layout by using the space between the connector shrouds.


  • 3U WIENER VME-J1 backplane, 8 layers
  • 21 slots, J1 outfitted with 5 row 160-pin connectors
  • Strip line technology suitable for maximum data rates
  • Optimized RF shielding
  • Well dispersed filter-capacitors
  • Minimized ground shift and cross talk
  • Automatic daisy chain (mechanically or electronic)
  • Flat cable style connector for sense and control
  • Provision for up to 8 temperature sensors (module temp. checking)
  • Sense circuit protection by PTC- resistors (Optionally)
  • Excellent power distribution capability by current multi-layer structure
  • Maximum power capabilities

Ordering Information

Standard configurations (others possible by request).

ItemsBusSizeConnectorsSlotsTerminationDaisy Chain
0BB0.000RVME64x6UJ121activeElectronic, CBLT

Other configuration on request!

Technical Information

6U VXI backplane

Hartmann Elektronik monolithic multi-layer 13 slot VXI bus with active automatic daisy chain and passive or active termination. Outfitted with 96pin DIN J1/J2 connectors as per VXI specification:

Power per slot VXI C size  VXI D size 
( at  20°C / 70°C) 13 slot J1/J2  13 slot J1/J2/J3
5V 14A / 10.5A 24A / 18A
+/-12V 2A / 1,5A 4A / 3A
-5,2V 10A / 7.5A 20A / 15A
-2V 4A / 3A 10A / 7.5A
+/-24V 2A / 1.5A 4A / 3A
Layers 8 10


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