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6U cPCI 395 Mini Chassis

The cPCI395 mini crate series offers hot-swappable, redundant power supplies in 9 slots, compact but modular designed desktop / 19″ chassis. A front-side-plug high performance DC fan is used for cooling with front to rear air flow. One or two redundant operating plug-in 250W cPCI power supplies provide sufficient power for all applications.

The rear side mounted CML shelf manager allows full remote monitoring and control of power supply, fan and chassis.  The mini crate can be used on the desk either as a desktop or up-right unit or be installed in a 19” rack.


  • MINI-Bin mechanics for 6Ux160mm, cPCI, PXI or PXIe modules, suitable either for 19″ rack, as a tower- or a desktop box
  • Hartmann Elektronik  cPCI backplane, 6Ux8 slots, 33MHz, 64bit, system slot right, 5VI/O, or other cPCI, PCI serial, PXI or PXIe backplane
  • Free rear access for 6U transition modules, standard transition cage for 6U 160mm modules, provisions for 80 and 120mm foreseen. Special depth on request
  • Alphanumeric high-visibility LED display for voltages, currents, fan speed, temperatures and settings / programming, 4 status LED’s
  • WIENER CML Shelf Manager for local and remote monitoring and control, monitors and controls power supply, fan, remote on/off, SYSRES, thermal monitoring, user I/O programming, with Ethernet and USB interfaces, rear side plugged in
  • Programmable under / over voltage and over current trip points, active DC output discharge Front side mounted, removable High-RPM DC blower, adjustable speed (1200 … 6200 RPM), temperature controlled
  • Outfitted with one or two 250W cPCI power supplies, plugged in from rear, hot swappable, redundant operation, CE-conformity, 300W power supplies on request
  • 100V – 240V world-wide auto-range AC input, with power factor correction, CE-conformity
  • Dimensions: 19” (482mm) x 5U (215mm) x 417mm [whd], weight: ca. 20 Kg

Ordering Information

Standard configurations (others possible by request).

Crate VersionBackplane+5V+12V-12v
cPCI 395_1cPCI or PXI or PXIe33A6A1A
cPCI 395_2cPCI or PXI or PXIe66A12A2A

Technical Information

cPCI / PXI Mini crate 395

Module cage formats6U x 160mm, cPCI / PXI standard, Transition  6U" up to 160mm
Crate Size          9 Slot , 19“ or 435mm ´ 5U (221mm), 485mm depth
Mains inputwide range: 90...265VAC, 47-63Hz, 10A fuse, Inrush current less than 30A at 230Vac.
IsolationInp.-outp. CE EN 60950, ISO 380, VDE 0805, UL 1950, C22.2.950
RegulationTyp. ±1-±4%. (Various with output voltage.)
Noise and ripple:<50mVpp,  typical <30mVpp (0-20MHz ),  <3mVrms (0-2MHz)
Operation:0...40°C without derating, rel. humidity 30...80%, non condensing atmospheric pressure 70...110kPa, for 600W continuous power >85kPa
Storage:-30°C up to 85°C
Stability:10mV or 0,1% within 24 hours    25mV or 0,5% within  6 months
Overvoltage protection: trip off, protection against broken sense lines
Internal temperature limits:Cut off: 110°C heat sink, 70°C ambient, >45°C module exhaust accelerates fan speed to 100%
Cooling air flow(max. fan speed 7400RPM): removable fan, 340m3h, blower MTBF >60 000h (40°C)
Efficiency:max. ca. 80%, depends on installed output voltages

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