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3U PXIe Chassis


  • PXIe mechanics for 3U 160mm PXIe modules, suitable either for 19″ racks, as tower- or desktop box, IEEE 1101.10 compliant mechanics with enhanced EMC / ESD
  • 8 slot hybrid PXIe backplane
  • Exchangeable control card for remote monitoring and control of all relevant system parameters
  • Alphanumeric display
  • Redundant DC blower with adjustable fan speed, temperature controlled, hot swap
  • Ethernet interface for crate remote monitoring and control
  • Redundant exchangeable primary power supply 2x800W
  • World wide range AC-input 94V – 260V with power factor correction, CE-conformity
  • Exchangeable. redundant intermediate power supply, designed in low noise VHF switching technology, noise and ripple typically less than 50mV(pp)
  • Up to five different output voltages at 500W output power. For special configurations up to 1000W
  • Dimensions: 19” (482.6mm?) x 6U x 225mm (whd), weight: ca. 16 kg

Ordering Information

Standard configurations (others possible by request).

Crate VersionBackplane+5V+12V+3.3V-12v5V_aux
PXIe6025_310Hybrid PXIe/PXI27A32A32A2A2A

The new W-IE-NE-R PXIe 6025 series provides a fully redundant and front accessible chassis solution for performance critical applications. Built as a 19” rack-mount chassis with 7U height and low depth the chassis is outfitted with an 8 slot PXIe hybrid backplane from Hartmann Electronic. A redundant power supply design as well as cooling fan tray guarantees highest reliability & availability.

Technical Information

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