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VPX 371 – Air Cooled – VITA 62 VPX Power Supply

WIENER VPX power supplies are commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), air or conduction cooled single stage converters according to the ANSI/VITA 62.0 specification. They can be used to power a VPX chassis and will fit into the standard envelope defined by VITA 46.0 specifications.

Using state of the art switching power technology a wide input range voltage range as well as high overall efficiency is achieved. The VPX715 series offers highest output power on all 6 DC output channels which makes it a perfect power supply for test and development applications.
The VPX power supply mechanical dimensions are 3U x 8HP (1.60” slot). It is outfitted with front panel, connectors, keying and alignment mechanism as per VITA 62.


VPX371 Air Cooled Power Supply Features

  • Compliant to VITA 62 baseline specification (mechanical specification, connector and keying, power rails)
  • Up to 715 W maximum / 600W continuous power
  • Parallel mode with Hartmann Electronic Power-Backplanes possible
  • Up to 88% peak efficiency
  • 6 (5 independent) output voltages
  • 28V DC input voltage (19V … 35V)
  • Voltage sense controlled, Over Voltage, Over Current, Over Temperature protection
  • Ruggedized to MIL-STD-810
  • Operating Temperature -40°C to 85°C
  • Dimensions: 100.0 mm x 168.5 mm x 39.8 mm (3.94 inch x 6.63 inch x 1.57 inch)
  • Weight: 0.6kg (1.23 lbs)

Ordering Information

Standard configurations (others possible by request).

VPX371DAA715W VPX Air Cooled VITA62 power supply

Note: EOL product! Not recommended for new designs. Please use VPX340DMA or VPX336DMA instead!

Technical Information

715W VITA62 Air Cooled VPX Power Supply

High density, air cooled power supply according to VITA62 base specification.

Power supply


VS1 [+12V]

VS2 [+3.3V]

VS3 [+5V]

Vaux1 [+12V]

Vaux2 [-12V]

Vaux3 [+3.3V]


28 V DC

21 A

 50 A*

40 A

4.2 A

4.2 A

7 A**

* -> may be limited by connector or power backplane rating, ** -> depending on temperature, estimated 5A at 85C, 3.3V aux is taken from VS2 and protected with fuse, 3.3Vaux is not a separate power circuit

Technical Details

Form Factor3U VPX
Pitch8HP / 1.6"
Weight0.6 kg / 1.23 Lbs / 21.2 oz.
Operating Temperature-40°C to 85°C
Storage Temperature-55°C to 105°C
Input to Output Insulation1500V
Input to Output Isolation with Case550V
 Input to Case Ground Isolation500V
 Output to Case Ground Isolation50V
Case Ground to Safety Ground Resistance< 10 mOhms
Maximum Output Power715W
Maximum Input Power~760W
Maximum Dissipated Power @ max. Power~45W
Minimum Turn ON Voltage>20V
Minimum Turn OFF Voltage19V Hysteresis
Maximum Continuous Input Voltage35V
Maximum Short Time Input Voltage(15s) 36 V
Maximum Currents 12V / 3V3 / 5V21 A / 50 A / 40 A
Fixed Switching Frequencies 12V / 3V3 / 5V120 kHz / 125 kHz / 130 kHz
Peak Efficiencies 12V / 3V3 / 5V converters94% / 92% / 92%
Max. Output Ripple and Noise: 12V / 3V3 / 5V15 mVrms / 4 mVrms / 4 mVrms
(0-20 MHz Bandwidth)65 mVpp / 27 mVrms / 27 mVpp
Line Regulation: 12V / 3V3 / 5V40 mV / 2 mV / 4 mV
Vin=Vin,min to Vin,max, Io and Tc fixed0.1%
Load Regulation: 12V / 3V3 / 5V70 mV / 2 mV / 4 mV
Vin=Vin,nom, Io=Io,min to Io,max, Tc fixed < 0.1%
Over voltage Protection:14.4 V / 4.1 V / 6.1 V (hardware)
Temperature Protection Sensing Point (identical to case)85°C (Latching)
Maximum Internal Working Temperatures125°C
Protection / Control Logic / Timing
ProtectionOVC, OVT, OFLW
Control Logiconly ENABLE/INHIBIT, FAIL, no other utility or power supply specific signals
Minimum input voltage start up rise time> 50 V/s
MIL Standard Complianceas per VITA 62 specification
MIL-STD-461F (EMI) ComplianceCompliance has to be achieved with external filter
MIL-STD-704F ComplianceCompliance has to be achieved with external filter. External hold-up circuit optional.
MIL-STD-1275D ComplianceCompliance has to be achieved with external filter.
Compatibility / Environmental
CompatibilityVDE 0805, IEC 950
To be tested:-    Altitude: MIL-STD-810F, Method 500.4, Procedure II -    Vibration: MIL-STD-810G, Method 514.6 D-1, Category 12 -    Shock: MIL-STD 810G, 40g, 11ms semi-sinusoidal

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