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Backplane VXI

The 13 slot monolithic Hartmann Elektronik VXI-backplane is based on a HIGH SPEED DESIGN concept. Low reflection is achieved by means of uniform signal line surge impedance. Shielding of each line assures minimum coupling and crosstalk.

In order to prevent interference on signal lines which might result from reflection at open line ends, these lines must be terminated. Passive as well as active termination is available. The advantage of active termination is the reduced closed-circuit current consumption.  Passive termination features better frequency response. For this VXI backplane electronic automatic daisy chaining is provided. For power distribution current bars are used.


  • Monolithic J1/J2 HARTMANN VXI backplane, 13 slots
  • High speed technology with optimized RF shielding and minimized cross talk
  • Solid electrically conducting GND surface in mounting area
  • Automatic daisy chain (mechanically or electronic)
  • Flat cable style connector for sense and control
  • Provision for up to 8 temperature sensors (module temp. checking)
  • Excellent power distribution capability by current bars and M6 terminals
  • IPMBPPWR power management connector

Ordering Information

Standard configurations (others possible by request).

ItemsBusSizeConnectorsSlotsTerminationDaisy Chain

Other configuration on request!

Technical Information

6U VXI Backplane

Hartmann Elektronik monolithic multi-layer 13 slot VXI bus with active automatic daisy chain and passive or active termination. Outfitted with 96pin DIN J1/J2 connectors as per VXI specification:
Power per slotVXI C sizeVXI D size
( at  20°C / 70°C)13 slot J1/J2 13 slot J1/J2/J3
5V14A / 10.5A24A / 18A
+/-12V2A / 1,5A4A / 3A
-5,2V10A / 7.5A20A / 15A
-2V4A / 3A10A / 7.5A
+/-24V2A / 1.5A4A / 3A

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