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The low-cost / industry standard VME/VME64 NIX-I series, provides basic, full size VME crates with low noise 6000 series based power supply technology and a removable fan tray.

Optionally remote control via CAN-bus is available.


  • 7U VME-Bin VM4 with 21 Slots for 6U x 160mm VME/VME64 modules,
  • 21 slot J1/J2 VME monolithic backplane
  • Plug-in, replaceable VME fan tray UL 4 with high efficient 3- fold DC fan tray blowers, one unit height, air inlet from bottom, optionally watched by temperature sensors and / or variable fan speed
  • VME-Power-Supply UEP4, low noise VHF switching technology based, up to 650W output power,  rear side mounted (behind J1 area!, no 6U transition possible)
  • Optionally with CAN-bus interface (CAN-bus remote monitoring and controlling).
  • CE-conformity
  • Dimensions: 19″ (482mm)  x 7U (311mm) x 325mm [whd], weight: ca. 11.7 Kg

Ordering Information

Standard configurations (others possible by request).

Crate VersionBackplane+5V+12V-12v


Technical Information

VME / VME64 Backplanes

All WIENER J1, J2 or monolithic J1/J2 VME/VME64 buses are multi-layer backplanes (including power and ground shields) with active automatic daisy chain and active termination outfitted with 96pin DIN connectors as per IEEE-1014-1987 and feature:

  • Strip line technology suitable for data rates of 320Mbyte/s (64bit)
  • High power distribution by current multiplayer / bus bar system
  • Excellent RF shielding
  • Optimized filtering (electrolytic and ceramic filter-capacitors)
  • Minimized ground shift and cross talk
  • Automatic daisy chain
  • flat cable connector for sense and control
  • Provision for up to 8 temperature sensors (module temp. checking)
  • Sense circuit protection by PTC- resistors (Optionally)
Power  per slot VME  VME VME 64 
(20 / 70°C) J1 J2 J1+J2
5V 9,5A / 7,5A 9,5A / 7,5A 19A / 15A
+/-12V 3,2A / 2,5A   3,2A / 2,5A
Layers 8 or 10 4 8 or 10



Module cage formats

6Ux160mm, VME standard

Power Supply

Rated mains input range 106- 230VAC ± 15% (90...265VAC)
Rated input current Sinusoidal 16A for suffix H input, 32A for suffix K input
Inrush current: limited to rated input current (cold unit)
Input fuse:

external, intern on special request

Isolation Inp.-outp.: CE EN 60950, ISO 380, VDE 0805, UL 1950, C22.2.950
DC output power: H for 1000... <3000W (92 …265VAC)
  K for 2000... <6000W (92 …265VAC)

H input outfitted with removable power cord (3*1,5mm2) for 16A nominal input current,


K input (6U power box) is equipped with 2m fixed power cord for up to 32A nominal.


static:  MEH  550W/650W <15mV (+/-100% load, +/- full mains range)
MDH (20A) <0,05% (+/-100% load, +/- full mains range)
MDL / MDH <0,1% (+/-100% load, +/- full mains range)
dynamic :  MEH,  MDH <100mV (+/-25% load)
MDL / MDH <0,7% (+/-25% load)
Recovery time :  +/-25% load                      within +-1%    within +-0.1%
Modules 550W  0.2ms     0,5ms,
Modules 650W 0,5ms 1,0ms
MDL / MDH  0.0ms     1.0ms
  (Conditions: Current slope <1000A/ms, 21mF per 100A ^ 1mF per slot)
Sense compensation range: difference between min. and max. output voltage

Available modules

Type Channels Voltage range Peak output / power Noise and ripple
MEH 1 2... 7,0V 115A / 550W 10mVpp,  (0-20MHz ), <2mVrms (0-30MHz
MDH 2 7...16V (+/-) 20A / 250W (500W) <15mVpp,  (0-20MHz ), <2mVrms (0-30MHz)

EMC Compatibility

EMA. EN 61 000-6-3:2001  [RF emission]
  EN 55 022:1998 + Corr:2001 + A1:2000  Class B conducted noise
  EN 55 022:1998+ Corr:2001 + A1:2000  Class B radiated noise
  EN 61 000-3-2:2001 harmonics
  EN 61 000-3-3:1995 +Corr:1997 +A1:2001 flicker
EMB EN 61 000-6-2:2001  [immunity]
  EN 61 000-4-6:1996 + A1:2001 injected HF currents
  EN 61 000-4-3:1996 + A1:1998 + A2:2001 radiated HF fields  incl. ”900MHz”
  EN 61 000-4-4:1995 + A1:2001 Burst
  EN 61 000-4-5:1995 + A1:2001 Surge
  EN 61 000-4-11:1994 + A1:2000 voltage variations
  EN 61 000-4-2:1995 + A1:1998 + A2:2001 ESD

Operation temperature:

0… 50°C  ambient without derating,  Storage:-30°C ... +85°C

Temperature coefficient:

< 0,2% / 10K


10mV or 0,1%  /  24 hours, 25mV or 0,3%  /   6 month
(under constant conditions)

Current limits: adjustable to any lower level
Voltage rise characteristics: monotonic 50ms, processor controlled.
Overvoltage protection: crow bar protection trip off adjusted to 125% of nominal voltage each output
DC Off (trip off): within 5ms if >5% deviation from adjusted nominal values,
after overload, overheat, overvoltage, undervoltage (bad status),
and fan fail, if temperatures exceed 125°C at heat sinks.
Limits programmable. Outputs discharged by crow bars, when power supply tripped- or switched Off.

75% ... 85%, depends on used modules 

M F O T (Maintenance Free peration Time):  
internal blowers: 40°C ambient

>65 000 h

  25°C ambient 100 000 h
electronics: 40°C ambient >100 000 h