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WIENER provides a line of NIM, CAMAC and VME modules which were primary designed for application in physics instrumentation.

With focus on interfacing and controlling CAMAC and VME crates a family of bridges for these bus standards is offered which are using the high speed USB-2 interface. All controllers come with drivers for Windows and Linux OS as well as a variety of software examples / applications.

With Nembox / NIMbox WIENER started a new series of "intelligent" FPGA based NIM modules which can be configured for different purposes and programmed through a USB-2 link. These modules offer "classic" functionality as discriminators or I/O modules with enhanced programmable logic and read-out possibilities.

WIENER Catalog Crate line

Modular, high performance chassis with microprocessor control and low noise power supplies – the standard for Physics research labs worldwide.

MESYTEC and ISEG modules

Please see also ISEG NIM high voltage modules at www.iseg-hv.com and MESYTEC amplifier, discriminators and logic modules at www.mesytec.com


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