6U VXI-C Size High Power Receiver Crate

The WIENER high power C-size VXI receiver mainframe is optimized for test applications with demanding power requirements. Up to 6kW DC power can be provided and distributed to the VXI modules.

Optimum cooling is provided by the temperature controlled high pressure / high air volume fan tray unit with air filter. Featuring microprocessor controlled power supplies and fan trays it provides advanced integrated diagnostic and monitoring capabilities.

A unique flexibility is given by the modular packaging approach. The VXI 6021 crate consists of the UEV 6021 Receiver bin, the UEL 6020 fan tray unit and the UEP 6021 power supply. Different power supply configurations as well as a variety of crate options are offered.

Main Features

  • 19” x 10U enclosure for 13 VXI modules 6U x 340mm, modular design with removable fan tray, power supply and air filter
  • Very rugged steel-aluminum construction features 5mm thick heavy duty side plates with zero-tolerance countersink screw positioning of all horizontal rails
  • Monolithic 13 slot 6U VXI backplane (J1/J2), active termination, active automatic-daisy-chain
  • UEL 6020 EX Fan Tray designed to provide superior cooling of VME modules in bottom-to-top air flow, bottom side air inlet, rear outlet, optional air filter
  • Equipped with either 6 individually controlled standard or HRPM DC fans or 4 Super-blower DC fans
  • Integrated fan speed and thermal monitoring, adjustable fan speed (1200 … 3600 RPM)
  • Microprocessor controlled with alphanumeric high-visibility LED display for all fan tray, bin and power supply parameters (voltages, currents, power, temperatures, set-up data, etc…)
  • High density power supply in WIENER “Cavity-VHF” switching technology with excellent RF-shielding, up to 6kW DC output power
  • 94V – 260V world-wide auto-range AC input, with power factor correction, CE-conformity

UEV 6021 VXI-C Receiver Bin     

  • 19" x 10U enclosure for 13 VXI modules 6U x 340mm, recessed VXI card cage (using front side panel extensions)
  • Very rugged steel-aluminum construction features 5mm thick heavy duty side plates with zero-tolerance countersink screw positioning of all horizontal rails,
  • Monolithic 13 slot 6U VXI backplane (J1/J2), active termination, active automatic-daisy-chain
  • 3 U space for fan tray unit in front bottom position, air flow from bottom / side with top rear / side outlet
  • air filter and power supply plugged in from rear
  • Optional up to 8 temperature sensors above VXI modules
  • Dimensions:  19" (482.3mm)  x 10U (444.5mm)  x 674mm [whd], weight: 26 kg

UEL 6020 EX Fan Tray 

  • Designed to provide superior cooling of VXI modules in bottom-to-top air flow, 340mm deep
  • Equipped with individually controlled long-life DC fans (either 6 standard or HRPM or 4 Super blower fans)
  • Integrated fan speed and thermal monitoring, adjustable fan speed  
  • Microprocessor controlled with alphanumeric high-visibility LED display for all fan tray, bin and power supply parameters (voltages, currents, power, temperatures, set-up data...)
  • Built-in combo interface (Ethernet, RS232, CAN-bus) for remote monitoring and control
  • Dimensions: 415mm x 2U (88.9mm) x 340mm  [whd], weight: 8 kg

UEP6021 Power Supply  

  • High density power supply in WIENER "Cavity-VHF" switching technology with excellent RF-shielding, Low noise and ripple < 10mVpp (all voltages <12V), other <15mV
  • Modular and expandable design with self-ventilated universal power blocks, individually sensed floating DC outputs
  • Self protected against any failure as under/over voltage, over current, over temperature, ...
  • Micro-processor controlled, programmable voltage adjustment, current limits and over-/ under voltage trip off points, temperature limits
  • 94V - 260V world-wide auto-range AC input, with power factor correction, CE
  • high power density, up to 3 or 6 kW DC output power, 3U or 6U high power box
  • Dimensions:  430mm x 6U (266.7mm) x 250mm [whd], weight: 15 to 29 kg

Standard configurations (other possible on request)

Crate Version Backplane +5V +12V -12V -5.2V -2V +24V -24V Height
VXI 6021 R631 VXI 115A 23A 23A 115A 115A - - 3U
VXI 6021 R634 VXI 115A 23A 23A 115A 115A 15A 15A 3U
VXI 6021 R635 VXI 115A 45A 45A 115A 115A 15A 15A 6U
VXI 6021 R641 VXI 230A 23A 23A 115A 115A - - 3U
VXI 6021 R642 VXI 230A 23A 23A 115A 115A 15A 15A 6U
VXI 6021 R643 VXI 230A 23A 23A 115A 115A 23A 23A 6U
VXI 6021 R644 VXI 115A 23A 23A 115A 115A 23A 23A 6U
VXI 6021 R645 VXI 230A 23A 23A 230A 115A 23A 23A 6U
VXI 6021 R646 VXI 230A 23A 23A 230A 115A 30A 30A 6U
VXI 6021 R650 VXI 115A 45A 45A 115A 115A - - 6U
VXI 6021 R651 VXI 230A 45A 45A 115A 115A - - 6U
VXI 6021 R652 VXI 230A 45A 45A 115A 115A - - 6U
VXI 6021 R653 VXI 115A 45A 45A 115A 115A 23A 23A 6U
VXI 6021 R654 VXI 230A 45A 45A 115A 115A 23A 23A 6U
VXI 6021 R655 VXI 230A 45A 45A 230A 115A 23A 23A 6U
VXI 6021 R656 VXI 115A 45A 45A 230A 115A 23A 23A 6U
VXI 6021 R658 VXI 230A 45A 45A 115A 115A 45A 45A 6U


UEV 6021 VME bin

The 6021 bin has a 2U high fan tray space below the front and optional rear card cages for the UEL6020 fan tray. The total height of the 6021 bin is either 8U (6U VME/VXI/PCI) or 11U (9U VME/VXI).

The power supply is plugged into the top rear position. For this purpose the DC power terminal is located behind the backplane / top connector row.   For a 3U power supply, this blocks the rear of J1 but leaves J2 and J3 (for 9U cards) freely accessible.  A 6U high power supply will occupy the space behind both J1 and J2.

Standard sizes 3U, 6U or 9U with depth:  6U format 80mm / 120mm / 160mm / 220mm / 250mm

WIENER UEV bins can be outfitted with a rear side card cage. The bin side panels have all provisions to take a transition card cage in any of the offered sizes. Transition card cages can be ordered as an option for a new crate or separately for upgrading of existing crates. The UEV 6021 bin with the power supply in rear top position allows rear side card cages only to J2 (3U),  or to J2 and J3 (6U) for 9U VME format.

Common and / or isolated backplane ground connections can be user selected.

The 6000 series crates offer excellent electrical safety, i.e. no AC mains wiring is inside the bin and fan tray. All power comes from well-isolated DC low voltages (EN60950, UL1950).  A Power Protect Memory (PPM) further protects the crate by preventing incompatible power supplies from powering up.

Dimensions of 6021 standard crates (depth: +25mm for inserted power supply)
For 6U/160mm boards: 19” (483mm) x 8U (356mm) x 480mm [whd]
For 9U/400mm boards:  19” (483mm) x 11U (489mm) x 720mm [whd]


  • S-Bin option (IEEE 1101.10 compliant)
  • E-Bin option (IEEE 1101.10 compatible)
  • Top cover option
  • J3 backplane cover option
  • Transition cage option
  • VARIO-Divider option (mixed 6U/9U)
  • Temperature sensors option
  • Dust Filter options
  • Easy Lever option

6U VXI backplane

Hartmann Elektronik monolithic multi-layer 13 slot VXI bus with active automatic daisy chain and passive or active termination. Outfitted with 96pin DIN J1/J2 connectors as per VXI specification:

Power per slot VXI C size  VXI D size 
( at  20°C / 70°C) 13 slot J1/J2  13 slot J1/J2/J3
5V 14A / 10.5A 24A / 18A
+/-12V 2A / 1,5A 4A / 3A
-5,2V 10A / 7.5A 20A / 15A
-2V 4A / 3A 10A / 7.5A
+/-24V 2A / 1.5A 4A / 3A
Layers 8 10


UEL6020 Fan Tray / Control Interface

The UEL6020 is the plug in fan and control unit for all crates of the 6000 family. Matching the crate card cage size fan trays are available in 160mm, 220mm, 340mm, 400mm and 600mm depth. In addition to providing a cooling airflow through the front card cage optionally rear side transition board cooling is possible.

All UEL 6020 fan trays are outfitted with long life individually controlled DC fans for bottom to top air flow operation.  Depending on the required air flow and crate size either “standard” or “super blower” fans are used.

All fan trays (except the 6U / 160mm fan tray for frontal entry) are equipped with a topped plenum pressure chamber, 25mm high, for optimized air flow homogenization through all slots as well as for mixed module depths.

UEL 6020 fan trays have a built-in microprocessor for fan control, communication with the power supply and display / networking. Default version is the EX type which has a high visibility alphanumeric display and combo interface (Ethernet, CAN-bus, RS232) for remote monitoring and control. This interface allows the crate, including power supply, fan tray and bin temperature sensors, to be controlled and monitored remotely using either Ethernet or CAN-bus. 

A built in web server allows the crate health to be monitored via a web browser on a PC attached to the appropriate network, while SNMP provides a convenient way to tailor a control system to a given application. All network connectors are RJ45 type.

  Standard 118mmx118mm Super Blower
118mm x 118mm
Static pressure at 3000 RPM: 8 mm H2O column 14 mm H2O column 28 mm H2O column
Max. Speed of Rotation: >3000 RPM >3000 RPM >6000 RPM
Power Consumption  6-8W typical 12-15W Typical 20W
Start up Current: Limited by soft start circuit
Operating Voltage: Fan tray 30VDC, internal Blowers  0-24VDC,
Optimum operating range: 2- 3,8mm H2O 4- 5,5mm H2O 10- 15mm H2O
Operating Temperature: 0... 70°C
MFOT (Maintenance Free Operation Time)  >65 000 h at 40°C ambient, > 85 000 h at 25°C ambient

Variable fan speed is manually or remotely selectable from 1200 to >3000rpm. In case optional bin temperature probes are installed the fan can run in temperature-controlled mode. Running with lower fan speed all temperatures are monitored. Exceeding the first limit (user defined, default 45°C) all fans run with maximum speed in order to provide full cooling. In case the temperature passes the second limit the power supply switches off.

Adjustable “after-running” of fans guarantees further cooling after power off.

The intelligent EX- fan trays are prepared for hot swapping.

Front panel outfitted with 4 status LED showing:

Status  Green:   all values inside tolerance
Fan fail Yellow: one or more fans fail
Overheat Yellow: power supply overheated
Sys fail Red: VMEbus generates sysfail

A manual SysRest button on the front panel is recessed to avoid it being pressed accidentally.

All EX- fan tray monitoring can be set to Programming Mode. This feature allows all key functions and values of the power supply, like current limits and other trip off points, to be programmed.  The programming can be done either locally via the front panel, or remotely via the Ethernet or CANbus interface.

UEP 6021 Power Supplies

High density, highly sophisticated modular power supplies designed with WIENER's "Low-Noise-Cavity-VHF-switching technology" which features extremely low ripple and noise (PARD) figures. This technology prevents uncontrolled RF emissions by proper internal shielding and containing of switching parts as well as an efficient deflection of magnetically induced RF currents.  A well-balanced thermal design secures excellent long term stability and high MTBF.

Up to eight independent regulated DC outputs. For higher current capability, power modules can work in parallel. All outputs are floating. Therefore common- or separated grounds can be realized at backplane level (for example analog- and digital- grounds isolated). Wide compatibility ranges become possible by automatic programming of voltage levels and current limits to reference-values that are stored in a bin-memory (Power Protection Memory, PPM system). Incompatibility between bin/backplane and power supply prompts the PPM to keep the power supply off.

Two types of power boxes are available: 3U box with 92-265VAC input for 1kW-3kW DC-output. 6U boxes offer space for a second A/C mains input (PFC) to utilize up to 6kW DC performance (230VAC mains input!). Power boxes include:

  • Mains filter in connection with a power factor corrected mains input module (PFC) and soft start circuit,
  • auxiliary power supply to provide monitoring and control logic as well as provide power for the fan tray,
  • Monitoring and alarm circuit supported by a self-calibrating microprocessor system.
  • Five, six  (3U box) or 10 slots (6U box) for power modules (DC-to-DC converters)
  • CAN-bus interface, processing all power supply, fan tray, and bin data 
  • Power modules and mains inputs are equipped with long life cooling fans.

Serial connections between power supply, fan tray and bin (plug & play) allows communication and exchange of data between all crate.

Rated mains input range 106- 230VAC ± 15% (90...265VAC)
Rated input current Sinusoidal 16A for suffix H input, 32A for suffix K input 
Inrush current: limited to rated input current (cold unit)
Input fuse: external, intern on special request
Isolation (Inp.- outp.) CE EN 60950, ISO 380, VDE 0805, UL 1950, C22.2.950
DC output power:  H for 1000... <3000W (92 …265VAC)
K for 2000... <6000W (92 …265VAC)

H input outfitted with removable power cord (3*1,5mm2) for 16A nominal input current,
K input (6U power box) is equipped with 2m fixed power cord for up to 32A nominal.

Regulation static: MEH  550W/650W <15mV (+/-100% load, +/- full mains range)
  MDH (20A): <0,05%  (+/-100% load, +/- full mains range)
  MDL / MDH  <0,1%  (+/-100% load, +/- full mains range)
Regulation dynamic: MEH,  MDH <100mV (+/-25% load)
  MDL / MDH  <0,7% (+/-25% load)
Recovery time  +/-25% load:   within +-1%      within +-0,1%
  Modules 550W    0,2ms    0,5ms, 
  Modules 650W    0,5ms    1,0ms
  MDL / MDH    0,0ms    1,0ms
  (Conditions: Current slope <1000A/ms, 21mF per 100A ^ 1mF per slot)
Sense compensation range: difference between min. and max. output voltage

Available modules

Type Channels Voltage range Peak output / power Noise and ripple
MEH 1 2... 7,0V 115A / 550W 10mVpp,  (0-20MHz ), <2mVrms (0-30MHz
MEH 1 7...16V 46A / 550W <15mVpp,  (0-20MHz ), <2mVrms (0-30MHz)
MEH 1 12...30V 23A / 550W <15mVpp,  (0-20MHz ), <2mVrms (0-30MHz)
MEH 1 30...60V 13,5A / 650W <15mVpp,  (0-20MHz ), <2mVrms (0-30MHz)
MDH 2 2...7,0V (+/-) 30A / 210W (420W) <15mVpp,  (0-20MHz ), <2mVrms (0-30MHz)
MDH 2 7...16V (+/-) 20A / 250W (500W) <15mVpp,  (0-20MHz ), <2mVrms (0-30MHz)
MDL 2 7...24V (+/-) 11,5A / 275W.(550W) <15mVpp,  (0-20MHz ), <2mVrms (0-30MHz)
EMC Compatibility
EMA. EN 61 000-6-3:2001 [RF emission]
  EN 55 022:1998 + Corr:2001 + A1:2000  Class B conducted noise
  EN 55 022:1998+ Corr:2001 + A1:2000  Class B radiated noise
  EN 61 000-3-2:2001 harmonics
  EN 61 000-3-3:1995 +Corr:1997 +A1:2001 flicker
EMB EN 61 000-6-2:2001  [immunity]
  EN 61 000-4-6:1996 + A1:2001 injected HF currents
  EN 61 000-4-3:1996 + A1:1998 + A2:2001 radiated HF fields  incl. "900MHz"
  EN 61 000-4-4:1995 + A1:2001 Burst
  EN 61 000-4-5:1995 + A1:2001 Surge
  EN 61 000-4-11:1994 + A1:2000 voltage variations
  EN 61 000-4-2:1995 + A1:1998 + A2:2001 ESD
Operation temperature: 0… 50°C  ambient without derating,  Storage:-30°C ... +85°C
Temperature coefficient: < 0,2% / 10K
Stability: 10mV or 0,1%  /  24 hours, 25mV or 0,3%  /   6 month
(under constant conditions)
Current limits: adjustable to any lower level
Voltage rise characteristics: monotonic 50ms, processor controlled.    
Overvoltage protection:   crow bar protection trip off adjusted to 125% of nominal voltage each output
DC Off (trip off): within 5ms if >5% deviation from adjusted nominal values,
after overload, overheat, overvoltage, undervoltage (bad status),
and fan fail, if temperatures exceed 125°C at heat sinks
Limits programmable. Outputs discharged by crow bars, when power supply tripped- or switched Off.
Efficiency:   75% ... 85%, depends on used modules
M F O T (Maintenance Free Operation Time):
internal blowers:  40°C ambient     >65 000 h
  25°C ambient     100 000 h
electronics: 40°C ambient     >100 000 h
Water cooled power supplies: 40°C water        >100 000 h


Product Data Sheet  
6U VXI-C Size High Power Receiver Crate: Print Product Data Sheet


Manual and Tech-Notes : Crates_6000
Introduction in to VME: WIENER_VME_VXI_VXS_introduction


SYScontrol : Download
SNMP: Download
OPC-Server: Download
UEP6Control: Download
Firmware UEL: UEL6
Firmware UEP : Download

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