The WIENER PG501 is a 1.8 kW / 20A class programmable bipolar current source for magnets. The power supply is based on the 3U high 19" PL506/512 chassis design with power bin and a plug-in power supply box which allows replacement of power supplies in shortest time without use of any tools.

The primary DC power supply is using high efficiency WIENER power modules in low-noise switching technology. The bipolar current outputs are generated from a true Four-Quadrant converter and are capable of both sourcing and sinking power. This design also guarantees smooth and continuous transition through zero current.

Using a high precision / high stability current shunt measurement circuit and control loop an excellent accuracy in current setting, reproducibility as well as stability is given.

The PG501 bipolar current source features local and remote monitoring and control including current set points, ramp rates and limits. For remote monitoring and control the power supply provides USB and Ethernet ports and compatibility to the standard WIENER protocols (SNMP, web-ready).

Main Features

  • 19" rack-mountable 1.8kW current controlled bi-polar power supply, +/-30A / +/-75V
  • Fully microprocessor controlled, programmable current skew warning and trip levels
  • High resolution / accuracy current measurement and settings
  • Extremely low noise and ripple
  • Modular design with rack-mountable power bin and plug-in power supply

PG501 Features        

  • 19" rack-mountable 1.8kW current controlled bi-polar power supply
  • Based on PL 506 technology with low-noise switching primary stage (3 MEH 85V/650W modules),
  • Power Efficient Design: MEH output voltage adjustment for low load voltage levels to reduce power dissipation
  • FET 4-Quadrant converter / Regulator with high precision shunt / ADC's and DAC's for monitoring and control
  • Output Voltage: 0V ... +-75V,
  • Output Current: - 30A ... +30A max.
  • High precision current measurement and control, 100ppm regulation and stability
  • Integrated safety features as programmable maximum voltage  and current limits, oOver-current, over-voltage and over-temperature protection
  • Programmable current skew rates (ramp)  up to 50A/s
  • Microprocessor controlled with optional high-visibility alphanumeric display (EX version)
  • Ethernet  and  USB  interfaces for remote monitoring and control, TCP/IP communication with SNMP protocol, Web interface
  • External interlock option
  • Internally air cooled with DC fans, air flow from bottom to top (optional front to rear air flow in 4U power bin and air baffle)
  • CE conform EN 50 081/82 part 1 (EN 50 022 B), safety in accordance with EN 60 950
  • AC input voltage: auto range 110 to 260V, 50 to 60Hz, single phase 16A
  • Sinusoidal mains current EN 61000-3-2 (power factor corrected)
  • Dimensions: 19" (482mm)  x 3U or  4U x 480mm [whd], weight: ca. 25 Kg

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued. Please contact the factory for availability and more information.

PG506 consists of:

Type Dimensions Features
PGN501 – 3U  3U x 19’’ x 445mm Folded metal case
PGN501 – 4U  4U x 19’’ x 445mm  Aluminim side panels
Type Dimensions Features
PGX501 3U x 19’’ x 445mm Ethernet, USB, “Easy Lever” extraction mechanism 
PGX501 – EX  3U x 19’’ x 445mm  Display, Ethernet, USB, “Easy Lever” extraction mechanism


Regulation (fast circuit for short sensed distance)


MEH 550W/650W  <15mV +/-100% load, +/- full mains range
MDH (20A) <0.05% +/-100% load, +/- full mains range
MDL, MDH <0.1% +/-100% load, +/- full mains range
Dynamic (0,5 m wire)
MEH, MDH <100mV +/-25% load
MDL, MDH <0.7% +/-25% load

Recovery time (0,5 m wire) +/-25% load within +/-1% deviation within +/-0.1% dev.
Modules 550W 0.2ms 0.5ms
Modules 650W >30V 0.5ms 1.0ms
MDL, MDH 0.0ms 1.0ms

Conditions: Current slope <1000A/ms, 20mF per 100A parallel to load

Regulation (slow circuit for long sensed distance)


MEH 550W/650W  <15mV +/-100% load, +/- full mains range
MDL, MDH  <0.05% +/-100% load, +/- full mains range

Dynamic deviation depends on current slope resp. filter capacitors at load side only

Recovery time (40 m wire) 5V at load side, V drop < 2V   within +/-10% deviation within +/-1% deviation
MEH, MDH <150ms 250ms
MDL <150ms 320ms

Regulation timing adaptable to dynamic conditions (induced by cable length, voltage drops, sinker and filter capacities at load side)

DC output characteristics  
Sense compensation range limited to < 10V or nom voltage (except special versions)
Sense mode closed loop and continuously controlling regulator to load
Floating Range PL508 >nominal output voltage for MEH,
min. +/-10V for voltage ranges < 7V MEH and MDL

Noise and ripple    
0.5 m wire  (< 7V) <10mV peak to peak  0-20 MHz
0.5 m wire  (> 7V) <15mV peak to peak 0-20 MHz
10 m wire  <3mV peak to peak 0-300 MHz

Conditions at load side: parallel (X) 330µF and 1µF ceramic, 100nF HF conducting to case (Y) each line

EMC compatibility  
EN 61 000-6-3:2001 [RF emission]
EN 55 022:1998 + Corr:2001 + A1:2000 Class B conducted noise
EN 55 022:1998 + Corr:2001 + A1:2000 Class B radiated noise
EN 61 000-3-2:2001 harmonics
EN 61 000-3-3:1995 +Corr:1997 +A1:2001 flicker
EN 61 000-6-2:2001 [immunity]
EN 61 000-4-6:1996 + A1:2001 injected HF currents
EN 61 000-4-3:1996 + A1:1998 + A2:2001 radiated HF fields, ”900MHz”
EN 61 000-4-4:1995 + A1:2001 burst
EN 61 000-4-5:1995 + A1:2001 surge
EN 61 000-4-11:1994 + A1:2000 voltage variations
EN 61 000-4-2:1995 + A1:1998 + A2:2001 ESD

Emission: CE EN 50081-1 (EN 55 022-B)
Immunity: CE EN 50082-1 or 2
Operation temperature:  0....50°C without derating, storage: -30°C till 85°C
Temperature coefficient: < 0.2% / 10K
Stability (condition const.): <5mV or 0.1% within 24 h, <25mV or 0.3% within 6 months
Current limiting: 100% of nominal values, programmable to lower values via Interface or display tableau. In case of overcurrent:
Ilim  defines a constant current level, if status Umin set to 0V for the concerned channel, Imax defines the global trip off setpoint independant of status voltage window
Voltage rise:  Monotone and synchron. 50ms ramping (factory settings), other slope and different timing programmable
Voltage set:  discharge of output capacitors after DC off. 
OV protection: Factory setting to 125% of nominal values
Status control:
DC Off (trip off):
within 3ms if >2% (default) deviation from nominal or programmed values , after overload, overheat (temperature limits 90/110°C heat sink, 70°C ambient), overvoltage, undervoltage , all trip off points processor controlled and programmable / disabling
DC Off / On,      channel wise By setting status Umin and output Voltage of selected channel both to  0V  
Interlock input: High level or open: All outputs DC off (optional feature)
Temperature limits: 90°C mains input, 110°C  modules (heat sink), 70°C ambient internal
Efficiency: Power module: 75% 2V/ -83% >5V/ -85% >12V/-90%  >48V    for 230VAC input voltage
M T B F: >65,000 h (blower), electronics > 100,000 h at 40°C ambient
Product Data Sheet  
PG501: Print Product Data Sheet


Manual: PG501
Introduction: WIENER_Power Supplies_intro


MUSEcontrol : Download
SNMP: Download
OPC-Server: Download
USB-to-IP: Download


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