VM-DBA VME Display and Bus Analyzer Module

VM-DBA is a new test and diagnostic module for VME-bus systems which visualizes activities on all VME bus lines on the set of front-panel LEDs, but also allows one to digitize individual waveforms of all these lines into 2kBit -long storage memories, for a subsequent readout via VME or USB interfaces.

The digitization of waveforms is triggered by a programmable selection of conditions, including an external signal received at the front-panel LEMO connector.

Main features

  • Single-width VME/VME64x slave module with LED indicators for all VME bus lines
  • conform to VME-bus ANSI/IEEE STD 1014, IEC821 and IEC297 .
  • Functionality based on a Xilinx XC6SLX100 FPGA
  • LED‘s for all VME bus lines as addresse, data, IRQ, power, ..., 4 user defined LED‘s
  • User- programmable trigger for waveform digitization
  • Two on-board, user-programmable SPI memories to store two different FPGA configurations.
  • Selection of user-programmable registers and memories for comprehensive testing of
  • VME bus operations, including IRQ handling and bus arbitration
  • Dual user interface - VME and USB
Item Description
VM-DBA VME display and bus analyzer


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Product Data Sheet  
VM-DBA VME Display and Bus Analyzer Module: Print Product Data Sheet


Manual and Tech-Notes : VM-DBA
Introduction: WIENER_VME_VXI_VXS_introduction




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