MDGG - 8 multi functional VME Logic Module

The MDGG-8 is a single wide 6U VME multi functional FPGA based delay logic and timing module which provides often needed functions as gate, delay & pulse generator, logic fan in - fan out, coincidence register and scaler / pre-scaler. The module has 8 inputs and 8 outputs with NIM levels, which are free configurable in regards to their used functionality.

The MDGG-8 is based on a XC3S400 FPGA with 36kB of block RAM. Two FPGA configuration files can be stored in the on-board flash memory  from which the FPGA can boot at power-on (selection by a jumper). The flash memory can be reprogrammed via VME for firmware upgrades.

MDGG-8 can be readily customized within the constraints set by the hardware resources. It may be considered an 9-input/8-output/12-diagnostic LED universal logical module for which the user can develop his own firmware using the free XILINX WebPack software.

Main features

  • FPGA based VME logic module
  • Pre-programmed standard logic functions as delay gate generator, pulser, scaler, coincidence registers selectable via VME registers
  • Interrupt capability
Item Description
MDGG-8 8 Channel MDGG-8 with LEMO I/O


Packaging single wide 6U VME module
Inputs: 8 channel inputs + 1 common (LEMO 00)
Outputs: 8 channel outputs (LEMO 00)
LED’s: 12 Diagnostic LED’s, driven by signal stretchers
Firmware: Programmed via VME
Interface: VME A24 D32, base address via jumpers.
VME IRQ: Capable of asserting VME IRQ, level selected via jumper
Power: 5V, 1A
Product Data Sheet  
MDGG - 8 multi functional VME Logic Module: Print Product Data Sheet


Manual and Tech-Notes : MDGG
Introduction: WIENER_VME_VXI_VXS_introduction




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