CMDGG8 – CAMAC Multifunctional Logic Unit

The CMDGG-8 is a multi functional FPGA based delay, logic and timing module which provide often needed functions such as gate, delay & pulse generator, logic fan in / fan out, coincidence register and scaler / pre-scaler.

The module has 8 NIM/TTL inputs and 8 NIM/TTL outputs, which are free configurable in regards to their used functionality.

The CMDGG-8 is based on a XC3S400 FPGA with 36kB of block RAM. Two FPGA configuration files can be stored in the on-board flash memory from which the FPGA can boot at power-on (selection by a jumper).

Main Features

  • Single wide CAMAC module
  • 8 inputs (NIM/TTL) and 8 outputs (NIM/TTL) with LEMO 00 connectors
  • Control input (NIM/TTL) LEMO
  • LAM capability
  • Logic / timing functions preprogrammed in firmware

Standard configurations

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Product Data Sheet  
CMDGG8 – CAMAC Multifunctional Logic Unit: Print Product Data Sheet


Manual and Tech-Notes : MDGG
Introduction: WIENER_NIM_CAMAC_ introduction




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